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NOC Graduation Speech

This is the speech I gave at my NOC Graudation. The time limit is supposely to be one minute. However, no one observe that. It is too hard to summarize all the emotions and appreciations over the one year into just one minute speech.... 


Good evening,

This has been an amazing year for me. Looking back at the one year experience in the NOC program, there are three most valuable assets I have gained.

Knowledge. We learned about entrepreneurship, about how to be a good employee and team player, how to work hard, study hard and play hard.

With knowledge on hand, we have gained more confidence. We are confident that we can achieve extraordinary things by working hard. We are prepared to take up any challenges ahead, and to achieve our dreams.

Lastly, the Friendship. I am blessed to be able to share with my colleagues in StarCite and i-Meet the work responsibilities; sharing with Penn Tae Kwon Do friends the joy of victories; sharing with my dearest NCBV mate laughters, sorrows, gossips, birthday cakes and chicken wings.

I would like to thank everyone who has been part of my NOC year. StarCite, for giving me an internship experience that far exceeds my expectation. Special thanks go to Mr Paul Lockwood and Mr Don Neske for being such great supervisors. Mr John Pino, for being a wonderful boss and mentor, bringing i-Meet into my life, and giving me opportunities and trust that I had never imagined. U Penn, for taking care and educating us, especially Professor Babin, Joe Sun and Megan, the Penn Tae Kwon Do, for welcoming me as part of the team; My consulting professor Professor Jan. Professor Teo, Yu Ling and the NOC office, Batch 9 seniors, Batch 11 juniors and of course Batch 10s. My dearest family, especially my mum, who flies from the other side of the world and joins me here today.

Thank you very very much.