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Asian? Chinese? Korean?

昨天就看到新闻, 今天又看到一些新的消息, 刚刚读到苏樱的blog, 突然也想说说这件事情.

如果这次枪杀只是和美国很多其他校园枪杀一样, 一个冲动不懂事的美国年轻人把自己的愤怒不负责任地发泄在别人身上, 我也不会这样注意了... 正因为在凶手确定是韩国人之前, 在美国各大媒体上, 疑犯都说的是"an Asian young man", 由此展开的一系列讨论其实是相当有意思的.

我一直在追看着一个很有意思blog上对这件事情的评论... 这是一个名叫Debbie Schlussel的人的blog,

第一次美国媒体公布说, 嫌疑人是"亚洲年轻男性". 这个blog说:

"The Virginia Tech campus has a very large Muslim community, many of which are from Pakistan (per terrorism investigator Bill Warner). Pakis are considered ‘Asian’…. "



"The is a major radical Muslim community in the town of Red House. It's not that far from Tech. The FBI better be on this."

"I'm a 9/11 Family and THIS IS TERROR. The dude committed JIHAD. Wake up and see the writing is on the wall. Americans UNITE!" 


当媒体开始说是"华人年轻男性", 这个网站上的论调成了: 

"**** UPDATE #2: The shooter has now been identified as a Chinese national here on a student visa. Lovely. Yet another reason to stop letting in so many foreign students. ****"

很讽刺的语调"So, the perpetrator of the Virginia Tech massacre is a Chinese national here on a student visa. And, today, this alien did "the job that Americans just won't do."

"Remember that the next time you hear President Bush and Condi Clueless waxing lyrical about how we need more foreign students in America. We do not."


即使最后说是嫌犯是韩国人了, 是基督教徒了, 是美国永久居民了, 因为他手臂上用红墨水写了"Ismail Ax" , 这位博客的主人仍然可以大做文章:

"Maybe "Ismail Ax" is the name of a friend of his. Or maybe he wanted to remind himself to buy an Ax for his friend Ismail for next Ramadan. Or I'm sure we'll hear some other similarly absurd "explanation." We'll see.

然后在评论中也有很有意思的, 比如 "The "asian" shooter was probably a muslim convert. I wouldn't be suprised to find out that it is so. Then again there are alot of asian muslims, a good portion of them have ties with these terror organizations but as usual, the feckless puppet anchormen/women running the media won't cover that one for you just as they didn't do so with the Utah Mall shooter's ethnic backround."


 后来做一些research才知道原来这个人是出了名的对亚洲人, Muslim有偏见的... 在另外一篇blog的评论中看到

"If the shooter was a Muslim……….OH! what a field day the press would be having. No doubt the press was probably hungering for a Muslim name, Muslim look [sic].

If the shooter was a Muslim…..we would have heard the news differently. His face would have been plastered 24-7 around the clock, along with his name.

A word about South Korea. South Korea is a friend of the USA - unlike North Korea. This puts a further damper on the zionist media blitz. The USA support South Korea, monetarily. North Korea wants no support from the USA and naturally refuses to do the bidding of the USA. This is also true of Iran and Syria.

It’s not really hard to connect the dots.

Not a good day for the media when they can’t connect homeland massacres to Muslims, whether directly or indirectly. This is why scumbag debbie is grasping at straws, she’s so hungry for crumbs. A sad world indeed. "


真是有一些悲哀, 如果我们一直用种族, 语言, 背景的不同来给人们分类, 一旦一个"类别"的人群中的某一个人做了错事, 大家的反映就是把和这个人一样种族语言背景的人看成是一样的... 我们就永远只能生活在自己的小群体中...

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ppl see only what they want to see, hear only what they want to hear, and believe only what they want to believe...54之
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hi, simiko, you can be a good lawyer. So many evidences
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