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Finally over!!

Finally my 'A's are over!! After handed in my Econs S script, I took a deep breath.... I thought I would tear my entry proof into pieces.... but strangely, I have no such intention at all... too tired to tear?? I don't know.. An exam lasts for more than one month is really tiring both physically and mentally... luckily, everything is over now... relieved.

Today's paper is not as tough is I thought. Actually, it is a do-able paper. The problem this time is I have so many questions that I can choose from. The Econs S teaching in Hwa Chong is really not bad. Almost all questions are covered in our lessons. To play safe, I chose all Macro questions since our teachers say Macro is more suitable for us to do. But I think some Micro questions are also not tough, especially the one on minimising cost during economic downturn and the one on air pollution.

Two years' JC come to an end now. These two years pass much faster than the two years in the secondary school. I have also learnt so much more in this two years. Admittedly, life is much harder, especially when dealing with academics in this two years compared in the secondary school. But life is also much more colourful. I have met so many great friends that I think I will treasure them forever. I am also very fortunate to meet so many wonderful teachers, though I am still very scared of seeing them.  just received “Class Album” from HC (a CD contains all the photos my class took in the two years..) there are so many sweet memories... I can't help but keep laughing all the time... A great thanks to our beloved CT rep LJ...

simiko 在 2004-11-30 13:27:42 说:

8th Dec. The usual CZ352 and CZ3388... I know you will be back very late... all the best~
苏樱 在 2004-11-30 13:18:25 说:

Yeah it's finally over...
When is your flight?