in shanghai.

Quite Some Time.

time flies.

i havent blogged here for eons. like totally.

does anyone still check back here for updates? haha.

i agree that so many things have happened since i last blogged.

i got EVACUATED OUT OF MY house. due to the fat ass. piece of crap. i hate him. want to slap him upside down. tt piece of gross idiotic gross lard. sorry that i used such mean words to describe him.

but if u saw how he traumatized ME and my family members for the past 3 months, u will want to curse and swear more.

i wont be blogging abt him on NR because i dont want to create a big hooha outta it as of NOW. wont let my mom noe cos she will sure rant like mad and worry like mad.

and the gong an here are seriously useless, PIECE OF CRAP. and the BAO AN is worse. useless BUMS.

when jj asked the bao an to come forward to help, NONE came forward. all just stared on.

like hey bloody hell, this is not channel 8 tv drama on show k. u are not watching television show. this is REAL DRAMA HAPPENING, u idiotic piece of CRAP. get a LIFE, CRAP!!!!!!!

all the security guards, police man totally suck.

the man, although still legally an owner of the house, BARGED into our house by force, bang the metal gate until it broke open. he and his so called QIN DI DI. piece of gross crap.

so what this is ur house. doesnt mean u can bang in by force, using brute force. disgusting fatty acid molecule. i hope all ur fats spill out, u oily piece of unreasonable CRAP. and the policeman didnt even dare to handcuff him i dont noe why? and they actually let him go off at the police station, shldnt they detain him FOR GOOD. grossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

u dont noe how traumatised i was that nite.

i couldnt talk properly when i called the useless 110, wangqi, landlord father, yuan hong(the zhong1 jie4) and wq. i was like half crying, half mumbling. machiam like some hysterical siao gao.

HAIS. and now we got to be evacuated and we moved to a new house. it is not bad. totally in love w the mini staircase. ok la i am dumb. i like the house for the staircase. haha. u noe i always wanted to live in a house w a staircase. i hope i can stay in a PENTHOUSE in future. yea :)

but sigh, i am reduced to a study room when i officially move over. cos i am kinda like an illegal immigrant over at the new place. cos tt apartment supposed to have 3 tenants only. who is cc mj and wq. jj is the one who will occasionally drop by from suzhou. so lame. so if one day the landlord comes and seee me, a GIRL. he will most probably just faint and collapse. haha.

yupyup :)

anyway, will like to express my thanks to a few ppl for that incident tt took place.

1st and foremost,

JJ. Thanks for being there in the house. i cannot imagine how i will react if i were alone. i will most probably breakdown and cry myself till i am so exhausted and pengs in one corner. no way can i talk to the 'gang triad' like how u talked to them. Really thanks :) i dont noe how to express my thanks further but really thanks :) and thanks for cooking dinner still, despite the crap tt took place.

WQ. Thanks 'gai si de wen rou'. i dont noe if you will get to read this. haha. I am sorry for making you so worried and run 400m, panting like there is no tomorrow and to face the sheer inefficiencies of the 110 here. luckily u were in des's house, or else, we wont have reinforcement so fast! and furious! thanks :) three words for you. XIE XIE NI!

Eeseng, Samuel and Desmond. Thanks for being such wonderful neighbours, who ran along with WQ. I am so thankful that you guys stay so near to us. Thanks for being there and making the whole thing seem less scary. Your presence was definitely appreciated by yours truly. :) Thanks for negotiating the compensation and the hotel thing for us. Seriously, i dont think e rest of us are sane and calm enough to think of such stuff at that 紧张 period.

yupyup. thanks GUYS. literally GUYS.

and thanks to all other GIP mates such as LJH and the flashing lightbulb molester aka yunting for ur concerns :)

guess that is abt it for this post.


i got a fone interview w kp tmr and i am so scared.

totally lazy to prepare for it but i need to prepare for it. roar!

and i hope DT and EY can get back to me via email sooon!




in shanghai.