in shanghai.

it's back.

oh finally blogwind decides to work after like 2 weeks plus.

got to say it was a torture at first when i couldnt blog. cos u see quite a lot of websites are banned in this country.

but behold!

i decided to return to blogging at NR. though it's blogger and i cant view it properly.

only more than 5 mths friends can know the address. wahahahaha.

so now i am contemplating whether i shld move back here? haha.

so what happened today? went to the post office w roommate to send her parcel back to singapore. around RMB 260. by ship so like 2 mths? 15kg! although ng brought back some of my stuff, i am quite sure i still exceed 20kg. pengs.

now i am like waiting for my cousin to collect his passport on friday(oh well, boys are ma fan. passport expires quick)  before they book their flight here and back and before i can book mine back!

although i seriously can't wait to go back to sg, i think i might miss some of the stuff here. parts and parcel ba. i was telling roommate that i still cant believe that i am here. leading the life of a local. eating local food. doing things the local way. speaking so much chinese(not like i have anything agst speaking chinese).

i have already been here for 3 mths and 1 week. unbelievable!

i can so foresee the four cores LOOMING ahead. aa206, 304, 306 and ab311. tell me how am i gna cope w this? tiiiiaannn ah! :(

yupyup and last pt of this post:

how come i kena suaned so badly here? in sg, i suan ppl one lors. only maybe xiaohong can qie4 me for that. crap, i must find back my suaning skills.

p.s. where are all my blogwind uploaded pics! pengs. 

ng 在 2007-10-22 02:02:04 说:

eh do you know the people who tag your blog? damn weird la ;p haha anywayyyys, cant your cousin bring home stuff for you? ;) haha
Wuvist 在 2007-10-17 13:18:25 说:

hi~ All the pictures should be restored now~
lye 在 2007-10-17 12:02:27 说:

hey!glad to finally see the blog working!!!cant wait to see u!we go fish and co k???ahha den u cna eat ur yummy fish and chips and my yummy calamari!yum yum!!!
问天 在 2007-10-17 10:08:40 说:

welcome back~
blogwind is now running on a new server hosting in Singapore~

All the uploaded pics will be recovered later today~



in shanghai.