in shanghai.

most ATS are the bane of my life


i queued for 45mins and the woman tell me i cant buy oct 6 tickets. can u imagine how 火大 i am a not.

she say 预售火车票10天,包括当天11天

only applies for trains departing from shanghai. TO SH is 10days. so tt means i cant buy oct 6 tickets. and i got ticked off by her cos she said 小姐你会不会数? bloody hell! so angry! btw buy from the franchise(or watever u call it), must pay 5rmb surcharge per ticket.

and what does this mean?

tmr i need to go queue for ticket at 火车站. the disgusting smelly super luan4 place.

and in the morn, the aircon man is coming.

merry xmas and a happy new year!


that aside,

i just want to say i appreciate the efforts that my friends are willing to invest for me. even though things dont go my way, i guess this is one of the many obstacles that i have to overcome. so yea,

xiaohong and ng: thanks! although i didnt manage to get the bag in the end, i can always go buy a new one! hahahaha. this gives me more excuses to SHOP. wahahahaha.

shall change my itinerary for ng and go to 科技馆 tmr to get my act-cool backpack. haha.

maybe i shld start a countdown to sg too! can't wait to get back to crap with everyone ;)


but that aside, i am still VERY ANGRY w that sell train ticket woman. who made me run to work cos i was late for work!!!!!!!!!! ROAR.

ok full stop. no more grumblings about that woman.

i feeel like taking leave to pick up ng! but i dont noe what to tell my sup!

and this 2 weeks elogbook really nothing to write! nvm. shall do something abt it after i come back from the oct trip!

and i think what my colleague, jo*shua said makes sense.

GO GO GO olt! wahahahaha.

ng 在 2007-09-26 23:36:57 说:

kelly 在 2007-09-26 10:20:20 说:

eh?? you going to the huo che zhan to buy? relax. u should learn how to scream back at the tiong tiongs... next time let the up up up a few levels kelly teach u how to scold the tiong tiongs.... haha


in shanghai.