in shanghai.

one standard smile*

check out the pics. realise the statues do really look kinda unreal. esp the JAY one. CUI can. haha.

beckham still quite real. victoria beckham is too skinny in the museum. zhao wei also.

and my camera batt really cui. i took only abt maybe 50 photos and it decided to conk out on me! rahhh! had to borrow jj's phone camera. and i want to say that he dont noe how to use his fone camera. haha. those he took for me all so BLUR, i take for him, so zai! haha. the photographer does matter! haha.

kelly dont be jealous! louis leh! haa.


the pic w andy is taken by a pro phorographer. but i obviously didnt buy the foto. rmb 45=sgd 9. siao la! so we took a pic of it using fone cam. anws i think it looks like some neoprint card!

jackie also take from tv screen one. haha.



momo 在 2007-09-24 11:11:34 说:

ongs omg. the jay chou one really super cui! i didnt even know it was him! and vic beckham is that stick thin in real life lah.. thats why they made her that skinny.


in shanghai.