in shanghai.

Madame Tussands Shanghai

I went to the Madame Tussands Shanghai Museum w jj today. Asked around and almost the world world either go before in HK/not interested/too broke. Oh well, we still went ahead.

The ticket was like RMB 100=sgd 20 la. like not ex. The statues mostly have no tags to tell the visitors who the stars are. sians. only those ppl from _______ had descriptions which is like ok lors. :(

Some of the statues look REAL, but some look really fake. like the jay chou one. totally CUI i tell you. and GROSSSS.

after that, we went to some like house of horrors thing. and it wasnt tt scary. but me, being the humji one, screamed like there is no tomorrow. haha. hate it when those 'ghosts' come near me and scare me. and the 'smoke' they kept emiting was so SMELLY la. like not grosssss.

ok la, overall it was not bad. at least i spent my sunday visiting a tourist attraction(ok is it even ONE?!) and not just mere shopping. haha. yea. but obviously, we had our own share of shopping too today. went to superman and bought a TOP! haha. RMB 123=sgd 24.60. yea i am a supergirl! ok not funny. haha. and tt top will RUN one lors. as in the color. and they say what it is part of the design. like hellllo! i am sure lah! pengs. and oh yea i bought a CHIM CHIM looking peking map. see already my head pain man.


this stupid JJ keep grumbling that the wax figures are fake! roarrr! though i also think rather fake! haha. ok la. got money, then i go and check out the HK one. got LKY leh! haha.

upload pics tmr or something. TIRED man.

work again tmr! PLS bestow some work upon me! i dont wanna slack anymore!

and yea it is a THREE DAY WEEK! woohoo!




in shanghai.