in shanghai.

cold stone creamery

Brr. It's cold in here.

Blue house's here to rock you down. ok the second line like a bit wrong.

anyway, slacked FULL TIME at work again!

tt is not impt. whats impt is that.

I finally ate at cold stone creamery! yippeeeeeee! ate founder's favourite, w waffle. RMB 29= $5.80. EX sia. but all worth it man. high class ice-cream. RMB 29 can buy me don't know how many magnum here. magnum cost RMB 4 can. aiming for the next ice-cream already. haha.


ng 在 2007-09-22 15:16:21 说:

hey i juz realised that like you were trying to do a cheer? some yellow house stnicks cheer? hahahahah :D okay. SEE YOU SOON AH. shit i never prac my chinese. sure die!
ng 在 2007-09-22 01:48:51 说:

haha wow yummy :) hahah yah lor i thought it sounded familiar. i think san diego i also see before lei hahaha ehh i cant wait to go to shanghai. and STEPH comments on your blog. but she doesnt comment on mine. THAT IDIOT.
steph 在 2007-09-21 11:26:36 说:

heyhey! they also hv cold stone creamery here! and i love it!=) try the rocky road! if u like nuts and marshmellow! they make on the spot lor!on the marble slab..very cool!:) and YUMMY!! i think its even more ex here.. =(((


in shanghai.