in shanghai.

er shi yi.

have u seen a pig before?

i wish i looked like that, with my 'figure now'.

but i think i look like this. no i mean even worse.


i just ate a bowl of 小馄饨,半笼蒸饺,3 kueh balu, 1 南瓜饼

for LUNCH.

tell me that i am not a pig.

did 3 sets of biceps and clean jerk each last night at the gym.

but main purpose was to weigh myself.

and yes, i gained weight again. this time round. 1.5kg in 4 weeks. so ya tell me abt it.

i am kinda giving myself a good treat today since i got an excuse to.

why let the envrt affect me so much?

i can just do things MY WAY to mk myself happy. so yea, more food today.



came in this morn and received this. actually i saw this the other time cos jo*shua showed me. like hello?!

the greetings are all STANDARD one (happy bdae), except for kelly's which is like asking me to get fatter haha.

anyways, thanks to all who wished. 有心了. seriously, i really appreciate it. really.

and as usual, there will be a few disappointments each year which never fail to repeat themselves. nvm.


looks funny i know. but again, thanks to junjie and kelly. even though it is really small and i dont eat mooncakes, but ur actions are much appreciated by yours truly. :) thanks.

and thanks xh for the MSN CONVERSATION last night. i can just say that it was COOL. haha.


guess this year is really pretty different. nvm.

nothing great. just another year.

and sometimes it is these events which mk u realise many many things.

i realised a LOT. but i shant disclose any here. yea.


i still don't have work to do today. since last week le. like THANKS.


ok they decided to be nice and let us home at 3pm

came home. wanted to bathe.

no hot water. DAMN. waited there for so long and no hot water. really WTH. yuan lai heater not on. BH!

yea, on my way back, my umbrella flipped. lucky never spoil.

seriously this is the most CUI birthday i ever had in my 21st years of life on Earth. to think this is supposed to be ER SHI YI. like hurhur 嚇嚇天!

typhoon +thunderstorm + no hot water + weight gain + ___ ____________ ________= PATHETIC.

ng 在 2007-09-19 22:53:31 说:

kominghar 在 2007-09-19 18:59:52 说:

wei!! stop harping on ur weight la... relaxing abit!!! 能吃是富 ma rite?!? anyway happie 21st!! sorry got no red carpet or elaborate celebrations... Enjoy urself while ur here.. slim down when u're back!!! u're not THAT FAT btw... anyway... wad's the dash dash dash??


in shanghai.