in shanghai.


today is

"area cleaning" as "affectionately" titled by the house guys.


shopping at 七铺路


gorging at 吴江

actually it wasnt much gorging today. dont manage to try the 西北郎(sound damn vulgar) bbq food though. sians. lazy to queue yea. ate 生煎包 and some cuttlefish and chicken strip thing. koped a wing from cc, drank watermelon juice(not really freshly squeezed though) and youtiao and doutua from some restaurant [email protected] recommended.

i ate the youtiao and doutua cos i gian. *slaps olt thousand times. like not AGAIN.

everything also gian. eat somemore, all ur pants will burst and u will cry to sleep OLT!

yupyup. besides that. qipu shopping not bad. bought a tracksuit. cost rmb 120. like woohoo! i like it v much though i think it is guys cutting actually. all black with a nike tick. yes i am damn boring i admit. but good buy leh really. haha. and i also bought another pair of track pants. this nike one inside damn cui. but who cares. thanks to wq for bringing us to that shop. cos the auntie LOVES him. haha.

also bought a cap for rmb 25. i bought it cos i gian also. haha. gian to wear cos it looks damn cute la. the font and the heart and all. yea! lastly i bought a belt. 20rmb. wanted to buy another belt from another shop. damn sian. that shop owner dont budge one. so only bought the 20rmb one yea.

in all spent rmb 225 today! sgd 40 plus!

ok, i damn shagged now. tmr got work. damn SIAN.


ng 在 2007-09-18 01:24:08 说:

eh wah damn crowded sia
momo 在 2007-09-17 15:05:04 说:

omg ongs! is that smelly toufu! did u eat that???
kelly 在 2007-09-17 10:51:03 说:

eh!!! your [email protected] was like super farnie lei... anyway... ya la i think we'll miss THE GANG 2.5 months later... but now i dun miss it at all siaz... & the ARBO where got obvious?!?! no lei... i start the ARBO myself one lei!! muahahha~ & staying with you is a 100% more enjoyable than with the... (AHEM) BOYS.


in shanghai.