in shanghai.


heyhey yesterday we were invited to a party at the consul-general of spore in china's residence.

cool man. we were told that it was a bbq poolside party.

thanks goodness we never anyhow wear lok kok clothes. cos the paty is not poolside at all. haha :)

anyways the party was boring. i HATE networking. look here,



i hate to put on a superficial smile and walk around introducing myself.

many a times, i noe we all feel the same. but then it is cos BO BIAN(BB!) so we got no choice and got to socialise. SIAN SIAN SIAN.

i aint the social butterfly kind who can strike a convo w ppl easily. so such events really sux big time to me!

how to survive in the cruel superficial working envrt 1/2 year later?


alrights, check out the few pics we the suaku poks took haha.

the place was really pretty grand and nice. and most imptly the food was FAB! all SGP food la. the nasi lemak rice was HEAVEN la plus the sambal belachan. WOOHOO lah! yummmmy! :) thumbs up!

it was a get-together session for the smu nus ntu students in SH and the consulate staff.

and guess what? i met JITSY there. singing's friend! hahaha. can u believe it man? so qiao la. she has been in SH for abt 2 mths also. and she is in nus and her family has been in SH for several years la. so basically she is staying in her own HOME la. she told me her mom cooks for her and all. so jealous la! told her we can meetup for dinner when ng comes to SH 2 weeks later.

me and jitsy! she rembs me surprisingly. haha.

my hse guys w the nus GIRLS and guys. HAHA.

yunting, me, kelly and eeseng at the lobby of the clubhse. the residence is located at some birds-dont-lay-eggs place la!



in shanghai.