in shanghai.


happy 22nd birthday Mingjie!

yea today is MJ's birthday. and yea they celebrated mine too. haha.

we ate at steak king. it was not bad. just that the soup and drink kinda sucks.

i ordered some pan fried chicken. which was not bad. quite nice w the mushroom sauce. can be better. haha.

all for rmb 28. mai hiam buay pai.

oh ya and they bought a BAKERZIN cake. blackforest. woohoo! haha.

and i got a H & M bag from my housemates! thanks! it is the one which i wanted to buy that dae at H & M haha. thanks a lot! haha.

thanks to everyone for gracing the not-really-a-surprise celebration! yea.


kfc for lunch!

purpose of taking leave todae is to make visa. in the end, never make. long story. sure kena scolded by admin manager on mon. ROAR! qi si ren! sigh. and the make visa place is so birds dont lay eggs place. kelly and i made fwens w a stranger and followed him la. cos he also finding the place. haha.

and there is this AP plaza at ke ji guan. haha. really AP! haha.

bought a CHLOE handbag. rmb 80.

tod's bag for my mom. rmb 100.

cap for my sis. i also can wear la. ok kidding. rmb 20.

spent a bomb la todae. ard rmb 400! PENGS. sgd 80!


made shades in the morn, rmb 100 w degree, which was not really v well made. the lens is red to my horror, after i came home. SIANS. bought shoes too. RMB 50!

steak king! yea. 18 ppl in all. cool.

MY PRESENT. wahhahahahaaaa.

i shall quit my H & M addiction. haha. LIKE REAL!


tmr is long2 day. lessons followed by bbq w nus smu ntu students on exchange in SH.

consul general of spore invited us for bbq party.

CONSUL GENERAL LEH. means something like ambassador of SPORE in SH!

sure shagged one.

hope i wont sleep in class tmr. HOPE. is the magic word. haha.




steph 在 2007-09-18 16:03:09 说:

wah nice buys!! haha i must give u more america flags!! sorry i not v dilligent! haha r u still bored at work?? :)


in shanghai.