in shanghai.


3 for RMB 10.80. SGD=2.16. hope it works. FIRST TIME trying! haha.


the box class a not? haha.

paper bag also class la.

mooncakes! haha. white lotus egg yolk!


heard indo got serious earthquake.

everyone in SG take care!

lye 在 2007-09-13 23:14:11 说:

hey ongsie must check the expiry date properly leh. my uncle just went china bought back mooncakes ,and they all expire on july 15!!!!
horrendous those china cheaters!!!
the mooncakes only lasted for a few daes lar!!!
-L- 在 2007-09-13 15:44:50 说:

hey:):) sorry long time no tag. this is gonna sound like an email. anyway dont worry abt bigFOUR if u really want i'll video record the whole thing for u hahaha. and thanks for dreaming about us and longxutang (?) so we do exist in your dreams hahaha tho i doubt tt i'll like longxutang? hahaha. and i cant imagine CJ being LC that is rather interesting. i wanna eat CJ alrdy maybe tmr hehe. anyway sava is like round the corner. LOVE your inspiring email! bet u typed it again n again before sending to us. u shd inspire us more often!:):)

ok take care at work (it gotta be more interesting than MY classes now work piles up like nobody's business), eat good food but take care! u keep getting stomachaches!? dont chengqiang ok:):)
liwen 在 2007-09-13 09:25:22 说:

today also have.and its nearer to singapore.
so its even more obvious.my bed was shaking can ):
ng 在 2007-09-13 03:21:59 说:

er sg also got. alot of people felt. but i like didnt feel leh


in shanghai.