in shanghai.


i am seriously in love with those foods sold near my office place.

there is this youtiao wrapped in some crepe thing, add spring onion and some other veg i dont noe whats the name and add the sweet sauce. woohoo, VERY NICE. all for RMB 2.30. like tell me about it.

i am so gonna take a pictures of all the good food when i leave. haha.

and ya recently there is this newly opened shop tt sells this taste-like-kueh-balu(sp?) thing. DAMN NICE LA. 3 for RMB 1=SGD 0.20 seriously i can easily eat like 20 of them, no joke. cos i really love kueh balu! yummy. the shop also sells pumpkin biscuit aka 南瓜饼 and the 肉饼! haha. 好吃的不得了!

in spite of all these good food, i have been having stomachache like quite often recently. guess my stomach is still in the process of 'getting used' to the SH food. waiting for it to become power, seasoned stomach! haha. ok crap.


that aside, you know DOGS are so damn common in china, ok at least SH.

everyday, i at least see 3 dogs. sometimes, the no can go up to 5 or 6. no kidding man. dogs here are pretty affordable. but NO WAY will my fear for dogs turn into love just cos i see so many quite lovely looking dogs around everyday.

damn ironic la. i am so freaking scared of dogs and yet i see so many dogs here everyday.

just like back in spore when one of my neighbours owns a CAT(last time) and the other owns TWO DOGS.

yea, 6pm hurry come pls.


ng 在 2007-09-12 13:54:37 说:

Hahah u said dogs are lovely looking!


in shanghai.