in shanghai.


i cant believe i had a dream last night la. must be the effect of sleeping at 1130pm last night

first time i slept at 1130pm in CHINA. like woohoo!

one of the few times i slept 7hrs or more. 五指手指数得过 lor。

i dreamt of chairman liu, rower and i think xh the pig. we were eating 龙须唐 which reminds me that my long xu tang in the fridge has been there for too long. lesson learnt: do not be greedy and buy so many foodstuff!

was in quite a foul mood last night. it is like as though i got so much pent-up anger in me that i gna explode soon.

doesn't help when housemates are getting homesick.

makes me feel rather homesick too.

at least i wont eat so much in spore. ah, suddenly miss the whampoa fried hokkien mee, 179 chicken wings, can 2 chicken rice, toa payoh prawn mee, don's pie, amoy wanton mee etc.......

and most imptly,

my bed, though it is single size, i can wrap myself up freely like a cocoon, with the fan blowing at me.

and yea my own private room w my desktop, hifi, the picture collage from ng, the smu bear, the tv, the grey table and blue ikea chair, 小绿豆, the orange sofa in the living room.

can u imagine i nearly forgot that something called SCV exist in this world. *slaps head.

ahhhh, i cant stop lamenting.

and i cant stop eating too.


cant wait for tmr 6pm. 长周末!!!! self-declared by roommate and me. haha.

ng 在 2007-09-12 13:55:49 说:

EH your entry very act cute with all the emoticons. Anyway hor i thought u wanted to subscribe to the web thingy can watch Ch 8 n 5 shows tt one!
jh 在 2007-09-12 06:57:54 说:

hahaha. i think last night we got a little homesick too...

anyway i used the singtel sms portal to send u that sms from my free sms bundle lah. so no need to pay extra at all.

yah it's getting colder now!! i thought i have quite a high tolerance for cold but i was wrong.. haha yeah i hope i get to go to you-know-where at the end of the year..

so how, since ur air tix to hk so ex, wanna go you-know-where instead?
kelly 在 2007-09-11 12:47:23 说:

wah!!! u had to remind me of nice food back home... still got boonlay place nasi!!!


in shanghai.