in shanghai.

random yet again

i was just thinking that it is amazing that this world is made up of different people.

everyone has their own perception, style of living, eating habit, dress sense, moral upbringing etc.

and yet everyone can co-exist together on this planet called Earth.

although there are admittedly conflicts and wars and quarrels and arguments and what nots.

i find it really difficult to immerse into a new environment.

cos i am those who are used to being 'spoon fed' in my comfort zone. i like the familiarity.

when you throw me into a foreign environment, i struggle to survive as i don't understand it when things don't go my way, when people behave in a manner that is not consistent w the way i usually behave/act. cos at home, i have my way in almost everything i do, no one interferes w my path.

so what's the conclusion? two words, BO BIAN. i chose to come here, so i just got to accept it and learn it the HARD WAY.

yup, tt is just some random thoughts on an early Monday morning. this is week 10 in Shanghai and week 9 of work. encountered many different kinds of problems in all areas. solved ultimately somehow.

latest problem: visa application. am the only joker in the whole GIP batch(i assume) that applied for the wrong visa to come to china. like merry xmas and happy chinese new year.

in the midst of solving this prob.


ng: i dont wear it just like that. i wear a cardigan outside. so i am the same old me yea.

jh: really? it is so famous? haha. i knew it lah. no la kidding. but yea i quite like the brand!

ng 在 2007-09-10 14:03:25 说:

nvm! i still think SEXY. :D

anyway what with the wrong visa application?then how did u manage to enter the shanghai customs and everything?how come now then they alert you?

btw, yeah, i agree with your random thoughts ) buttttt i think you'd learn alot fr this once in a lifetime experience :)


in shanghai.