in shanghai.


china ppl are just inflexible la.

the whole china system is screwed.

if u got a bank acct in XX province from the bank of china for eg, it does not mean u have a bank acct in YY province bank of china. not interlinked one lors. inflexible!


lets talk abt normal daily stuff.

order bubble tea. tt time i ordered choc milk shake, then i wanted to add pearl. the guy insisted that there is no such thing. cannot add pearl to milk shake one. today kelly wanted to add jelly to some aloe vera drink. they also say cannot. say it is their company policy. like hello?! it really doesnt mk sense lors.


ppl here only noe how to spit nonstop, everywhere.

talk so loudly machiam everyone around them is deaf.

seriously, china ppl, WAKE UP UR IDEAS.

and stop pushing ur way thru every morn in the day even though it is already DAMN PACKED.

u noe how scary it is. there are so many ppl just alone in shanghai tt i want to faint. each carriage is really packed to the brim and many jokers still squeeze in like there is no tomorrow. and at the interchange, the no of ppl there is seriously enuff to squash u to death.

seriously, one word. GROSS!

i am blogging this out cos many ppl have been asking me how is china! haha. yea, tt is abt it.

哈玛雅 在 2007-09-08 12:47:42 说:

ya... ok ~~
fusion* 在 2007-09-07 23:32:47 说:

ok relax man, i am just voicing out what i see in my everyday life now. i agree that not everyone from china is like that. perhaps i am just unfortunate to meet such ppl. well guess it is an experience.
哈玛雅 在 2007-09-07 13:33:37 说:

ya... Correct,I am from China,i agree that different ppl have different ways of seeing things, but...no all the China ppl is as same as those people u've mentioned in the text,just want to say these....
mayo 在 2007-09-07 09:39:55 说:

Who's ha ma ya? From China i suppose?
I think different people got different way of seeing things?
哈玛雅 在 2007-09-06 16:42:01 说:

hello, please mind ur words...don't judge a book by its cover!
妞妞 在 2007-09-06 08:10:36 说:

ng 在 2007-09-05 23:31:33 说:

haha quite interesting leh :) anyways, THANKS FOR CALLING! :D yay so happy! you sound the same! life sounds exciting for youuu! haha think when u come back to singapore u sian diao already.


in shanghai.