in shanghai.

Hangzhou (pics)

we walked so far just to see this freaking waterfall which doesnt even look majestic at all.

look at the treacherous road. ok la i noe i am making a mountain out of the molehill.

sigh, i look horrid. tt is jianghan btw. my roomie. check out the many lotus leaves. can pengs.

the lotus flower is like so RARE. ok. anyway tt is me and jing jing.

we purposely posed with eeseng's silk blanket. so many fotos got the blanket la! pengs.

tt is me and xiaoying.

yea the magnificent view of westlake from lei feng pagoda. obviously my cam not power enuff. anyways can u see the 3 small islands?

horrid. talking abt myself. check out the notes and coins.

how i wish i can keep them. haha.

the escalator is damn OFF lah. at lei feng ta. dont u think so. chucked in the middle.

lei feng ta. and tt is the DONG PO ROU.

tt is the JIAO HUA ZI JI.

u see the shower thing. totally pengs.

the smiling buddha.


check it out. a DRAGONBOAT in china. AUTHENTIC one can. damn. i just need my paddle. no 27.

this place is cool la. too bad so damn rush.

songjh, ur hometown.

some gluey lotus powder thing.

those 2 traitors! and yuefei on the right.

jianghan, junjie, rongxin and me

all 7 of us. yea. one of the v few grp fotos we took. e rest are all w xiaoying. shall get from her asap.

at the stopover station 海宁. got some tv crew filming dont noe what.

yea the D train. and see tt guy. he is some korean lah. and he damn fwenly to those china girls sitting in front of us. hahaa.

yup. that is abt it.

and to the ebeegirls: dont listen to mayo talk crap. everything she says is NOT TRUE. and *waves to phebe :) haha. and now waiting for ling yi min to sms me FIRST. or else, porkie, no more fwens! haha.

work tmr again! and i really hate rainy days in SH!

cor 在 2007-09-06 23:21:46 说:

haha.so funny re --!-- -- -- -- !hahaha.anw sorry la.i will upload the pics by sat okok!sch damn shitty now.so shitty i wanna cry.plus dnt have u guys in spore!u steph and rux!i wanna cry can! faster come back la.then we can go shop,cos apparently me and shini shop best with u!!haha.i miss u la!!take care ok!


in shanghai.