in shanghai.

Hangzhou (1 & 2 Sept 2007)

Last night, I did some typing and i became more and more shagged after typing. So i went to sleep.

Nothing to do here in office so I shall do a narration of my trip before i go home and post the numerous pics that we took ok. haha.

I woke up around 5:50am cos I could hear kelly moving around the room. haha. I was in a state of loss for a moment cos i was wondering where the heck is Kelly going so early in the morning. then it suddenly dawned upon me that we are going out of SH for 2days! haha. so stupid. so yea i woke up soon after and went to wash up and all. Left the house around 6:30am, which was pretty late already. cos the metro station is like 11 stops away. Goodness. The train got seats. like cheers. damn NAN DE lah.

So we reach the 上海南站. wah, damn posh la the place. it is 1000 times UPs level man. it is like an airport lah. ok exggerating but definitely comparable. it is nicer than hongqiao airport, china's domestic airlines airport. you know the main train station is 100 times more GROSS than this one. i am not exaggerating regarding this. too bad we reached so late we couldnt check out the place. so yea, basically jj and i were like RUNNING through the gantry and then running to the platform. when we reached the platform, we were at like carriage ONE. u noe where we sitting a not? EIGHT. like thanks. so again, we ran , no i shld say i started to run. that junjie ran and then WALKED. like relaxing lah. he even can like 打招呼 w rongxin they all who were in carriage 5 i think. seriously box him man! damn tired la, run like mad to the other end of the train. dont noe why we so suay, forever kena the last carriage, suzhou like that, hangzhou also like that, the SH-bound journey we also last carriage BTW.

so yea, it was a D train like woohoo 的爽. it was first class seat ok. RMB 62 ok! and it is 软座, soft seat somemore :) haha. so it was a 1 hr and 18mins ride to Hangzhou. oh i felt bad cos we somehow indirectly chase a guy away to another carriage. oops.

Reached Hangzhou and met up w jianghan they all at the platform. Then they told us that we gonna follow a tour 10RMB go 6 places. like seriously cheap lah. i was like where got so cheap one.  but really 10rmb u noe. haha. means sgd 2 go 6 places. crazy! insane! they bluffed jh they all say it is gna be a 金龙 bus, those quite nice ones, but in e end, we had to like squeeze with so many ppl. got seat la. but damn crap one lors. anyways, on top of the 10rmb, we got to pay 155rmb= sgd 31 for the entrance fee. but still. really quite affordable man. so cheers to tt! and so we began our 1 day tour in HZ. haha. Btw, there was me, junjie, jianghan, rongxin, xiaoying, sweemeng and jingjing.

I cant really remb the names of the places we went to. I remb we went to visit Westlake 西湖 first. We spent only like 45mins max there. we reached, took a boat, reached the 三潭印月 island. i still dont noe why is it called san tan yin yue la. basically ya, then we took the boat back to the main island and we left shortly after i think. i cant remb where we went next. I know we also went to the 岳王庙 where yuefei's tomb and temple is located. we also went to 灵隐寺, some ji gong temple which is famous for making ppl wishes come true. we went for like 1 hr there, the LONGEST time granted at an attraction. like wow! yea, bought some joss sticks and prayed. hopefully everything will come true. We also went to some 黄龙洞 which isnt even a cave lors. it is famous for its 月老司(think the si i write wrongly). nothing much la tt place. then we also went to drink 龙井茶 at 梅家屋. FOC leh. and it was so rush la, dont even have time to buy the tea biscuits. SIAN JI BUA. roar. i cant remb the last place that we went to! help! but if the silk blanket factory is counted, then 6 places lors. oh yah we went to 宋城. seriously, SONGJIEHUI, ur hometown la. so many SONG words around. ur terrority man! haha. tt place is supposedly quite fun but no time to explore la. and too bad we cant catch the show.

Talking abt the silk blanket factory, I bought 2 blankets there la. One for RMB 498. Mai Siao, obviously not for myself. That SEAH EESENG ask me to help him buy one. roar! haha. 1K in all can, my bank account was like depleted :( after that. Jj and I gonna extort a meal from him, maybe tonight or something. haha. The blanket braved through thicks and thins with us lah. Even made rongxin's t-shirt dirty! so damn paiseh la. hope he isnt angry man.

The hotel was fine, though JH told me how scary it was before we went to HZ. what got robbers come and rob u one. and what bingxiang and fwen had to shift the cupboard to the door for safety reasons, mabbe they bluffing her. haha. The beds were pretty big. There is something wrong w the toilet. no bathtub, nvm la. but the bathing area is like not separated from the basin area and toilet bowl area lors. The shower head is located in betwen the TB and the basin lah. and the pipe of the shower head is connected to the tap. seriously can faint i tell you. good thing is that the temperate is like constant, unlike my house water temp, got mood swings one.

yea, and their house is damn organised la. got meeting one can to discuss what they wanna do the next day. which is totally opposite of my house. i seriously think my house needs a meeting soon, to dicuss abt house cleanliness for the good of everyone. we havent clean our house for like 2 weeks la. as in properly clean. damn sian. really hate it when i see the hse machiam pig sty, everything in a mess, esp at the dining table. so yea, being organised is one good thing abt jh's household.

and oh yea, their busstop damn high tech la, got write like when's the bus coming. but hors, cannot trust one. we waited 30mins for a bus which never arrive. K 187 i think. HZ's bus system is damn screwed also. their buses come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. like really faints. all kinds. like no standardisation one lors. their cabs all green color one, but all diff companies also. Is hangzhou supporting "Go Green" campaign or something? haha. anyways, we went to some 吴江广场 for dinner. anyhow pick a restaurant. spent about 200 plus there if i am not wrong. ate their local specialty which is 东坡肉 and 叫花子鸡 :) the meat was fat like no one's biz, supposed to be like tt one lah. i am so SHOCKED when xiaoying say she likes the SKIN. goodnesss. the chicken was salty and so-so lah. that is about it for the dinner.

ok i am typing this part after lunch, so it feels weird. and i am like falling asleep in office soon. i just got an assignment to do, like translation from chinese to english. BEST! lucky got template can. so can refer for some. heng. or else DIE. haha.

anws ya, let's talk abt day 2. we woke up and checked out at 8am. it was raining la, damn sian. so we walked quite some distance to some place to have brekkie. had 6 汤包 for like 4RMB. it was okay lors, not professionally steamed though. haha. just whack man. we proceeded with our plan to go to 雷锋塔, some pagoda yeahs. the view on top was magnificent and the weather was magnificent too cos it was so damn chilly la. can see the whole of westlake. we wanted to go try the paddling thing but too bad it is closed. they were like saying what "I one person row 7 ppl lah" like thanks la. haha. the boat will most prob not move man.

 next, we took a cab wanting to go to 虎袍 then apparently we got news that it is closed for renovation. so we went to some lotus place to see tons of lotus leaves and hardly any lotus flowers and next we went to like eat KFC. the toilet queue is sheer madness la. dont noe what the ppl doing inside. damn gross la the toilet btw. anyways, i was such a pig, i ate a burger, fries and 3 pieces of their new fish fillet there! yummie! haha. all for rmb 20=sgd 4. and apparently, the guys met some nice auntie outside so they recommend us to go to some waterfall place which is so damn sucky. WHY?

she told us take a bus to the long jing chun there, then walk abt 20mins can see the waterfall already. pls lors, dont talk rubbish lors. anws the moment we started our trekking, it rained. drizzle and become heavier and heavier. not to mention that i had to lug along 2  1.5KG silk blanket. but obviously i wasnt carrying them. thanks jj! though he won't be reading this anyways. so anyway, ya we kept walking non stop under the rain, with those barang barang of ours. and really machiam some ODAC trip can. walk over those huge stones, whatever u call them la, yea. and in the end, the waterfall wasnt even majestic at all. so PISSSSED. nvm, it was an experience afterall :)

after that, we were supposed to visit 六合塔 but it was raining and we dont see a pt in paying rmb 30(?) to go up and see the same view as lei feng ta. oh btw, we met 2 irritating idio*ts there who kept commenting on the silk blankets and trying to "sell" their taxt services to us. so angry w them. we then cabbed down to 东坡路 which is like their version of shanghai's 淮海路 and 南京步行街 combined i feel. a lot of branded shops there la. like u turn one corner can see one adidas and nike already. ok this is far too much of an exaggeration but u get my point yea. and jh has the nike cap which i want! similar lah! i shall go buy it with my next pay? haha. i think 70rmb or something. the ideal cap i wanted to wear at the sg aiport. hahaa. guess rower noes wth i am talking abt.

yea then we ate dinner near the train station and took the N476 train back. which was much better than what i expected. there is only one bad thing abt the train. we sat like in front of the toilet and when some jokers go to the toilet and they so clumsily bang the door, it will give us a shock. as in we can feel the impact. so ya might as well dont sleep so irritating lah. next time, cannot buy so last min. and oh ya, the carriage was like at the other end ONCE AGAIN, damn suay la. roar!

yup. nevertheless, i guess it was quite a nice trip overall. we each spent abt rmb 500=sgd 100 on everything. thanks jianghan's grp for letting us tag along! and jianghan for rooming w me. haha. realise she is quite drama. when she describes something, really animated haha. thanks to jj for helping me carry the damn heavy silk blanket AT TIMES. anyway why am i thanking everyone when they dont even read my blog?! haha. haha. whatever la k.

and i suddenly have work to do since 220pm. but i have been procrastinating major. falling asleep here and there. i seriously resolve not to sleep in office and in jiao da! i everyday drink one cup of nescafe. not fat then weird--> direct translation. yea my job scope now is translating FS- financial statements. and thurs i need to be some secretary, taking notes, cos some client apparently did something wrong, so I need to take notes in chinese and translate to eng! i hope i can catch what they say!

ok i seriously need to get my brain cracking! stop wasting time OLT! wake up ur idea.

and so sorry for the long blog post. pictures will follow in the next post. when i get home tonight after my papa john's treat from eeseng! haha.



cor 在 2007-09-03 21:21:55 说:

eh u nvr tell me who's --! hahaha.anw anyway i think i know who. the pictures of the upside down place v cool leh!!haha.i will upload photos SOON k!hahah.we took many photos for u to see!Hhaha.miss u!!take care yeah!


in shanghai.