in shanghai.

Hao Le Di w neighbours

I went to cut my hair for 10rmb=2gd todae! wah lao. cheap like siaos la.

you know, i think they really damn not skilful. they cut my hair for like 1hr. and not really cut la. more like shred! i dont noe how to describe la. in spore, the hairdresser also got "shred" my hair. but here? the whole 1 hr is like shredding la. like what the hell. my hair so thin now. roar. tell them i want 酷 hairstyle, but i dont think it is cool 'nuff leh. in fact it isnt even cool la. pengs. then he like drop his scissors. i was like professional hairdresser where got drop scissors one! lousy! anyways, 10rmb only, shant complain so much. i shall try another salon next time round! haha.

anyways i really dont have determination to keep my hair long. haha.

ok anyways, we went to sing K with our neighbour grp. all, except huichian, came. we went to 正大广场 haoledi. chin chong did the opening item with some grasshopper song which kinda SHOCKED me totally cos of his VOLUME. he really 喊 la. no JOKE! all of us were so shocked at how 放 he is. neighbour grp all say he is cool and shuang kuai kind haha. true la. haha. good also lah. anyways i continued to be amused by his singing, which included some hokkien renditions. can really pengs and roll on the floor. he 精通三语 i think. eng, chi and hokkien! haha. damn funnnny la. we spent like 22RMB each in haoledi, which included popcorn and drinks. this is damn cheap la, compared to sg kbox.

next we went to some thai restaurant to eat. the food sucks totally for e px. u noe i paid 25rmb=5sgd for a pad thai which is so dry and gross lah. no peanuts, no chilli powder, no veg as garnish, basically it is just glass noodles w taupok and some egg. seriously, waste of my money! the rest ordered like tom yam soup and OMGOSH. the size of the bowl was PATHETIC lah. we were all so pissed and gna condemn and BAN that restaurant!

lastly, we went to H & M cos i wanted to get my jacket. paiseh man, mk everyone go. as usual, it was madness rushing in zheng da. i wan to go back there to shop one day. like maybe half or one day there. slowly walk. everytime we go there, always so rush i realise. i wanna chk out uniqlo properly man. the stuff at zheng da are all like branded, means ex lah. but i guess no harm go there and see see. maybe got cheap bargains man! too bad the H & M sale is over! roar! anyways check out my jacket. i think i look weird w my short hair and the jacket.

and i so totally LOVE the paper bag. so nice!

tmr need to wake up at 6am. leave hse at 630am and meet jianghan grp at 7am at 南站. 11 metro stops away. damn sian lah. kelly they all leaving at 6am but they taking cab there! SO LUCKY. haha. ok la, nan zhan is really far away, shant waste money.

anyways, kelly, mingjie and weiqiang going to some valley while junjie and i are going to hangzhou with jianghan's grp. long story man. and i was told tt the HZ hotel got ppl come into the room and rob u one. SCARED.

pls let the trip be a safe and enjoyable one.

and i realise we have been in shanghai for about 2 mths already. today, we were talking abt GOING BACK TO SPORE already. like damn fast la. time flies.

H & M rocks! haha. i like the paper bag!

the thai pad thai SUCKS. i bet they never been to thailand b4. thailand anyhow walk into one shop, the pad thai also nice lors. sians diaos.

desmond sang the jin chen wu song. 1st time i hear ppl sing K sing his song! anws my pt, jin chen wu rocks!

neighbour grp guys: desmond, eeseng, yunting and samuel

Wang Li Hong coming to SH on wed lors. got some auto session at haoledi from 6 to 830pm! i wanna go lah!

but got work leh! sians.

samuel, me, kelly and desmond

mayo 在 2007-09-01 15:02:34 说:

eh i cant really see the jacket properly leh!
it looks like one suit!
n i agree wif hc your hair looks the same maybe jus flatter?
ng 在 2007-09-01 14:08:47 说:

hey your hair looks the same leh!


in shanghai.