in shanghai.


sequence rather messed up. paiseh. blogwind's fault man. lazy to caption. DAMN HAPPENING DAY todae. the "unfortunate" incident totally messed up our day. totally dont feel like doing anything already.

my samsung phone also spoil. i think it is the charger. sians.

bad things really come in a package.

i can only hope that all goes well in the end.

going hangzhou on sat-sun to take a breather. away from shanghai, the hustle and bustle of shanghai.

went there after As. hopefully it looks diff now so i can safely say my 500rmb =sgd 100 (estimated total cost) will be well spent.

and i ate at 大家乐. same set meal. minestrone really rocks my socks. but e rice was damn gross. machiam it is like OILY RICE can. damn gross.

long day tmr too. cut hair(i cannot stand my long hair anymore which isnt even long, haha dont think i will ever have long hair lah), sing K, buy jacket, come home meet wangqi and pack bag for HZ trip.

ok PEACEOUT. realllllly very tired.


all 12 of us. thanks for the company ppl!

junjie, eeseng, huichian, desmond, kelly, janice, yunting, samuel, juncong, weiqiang and mingjie and ME!

jh 在 2007-09-02 22:33:21 说:

hey! my last singapore flag for u in a few mths.. hahaha i'll be back with another flag soon!

j0-n 在 2007-09-01 00:05:04 说:

tao hua year babe. thats all i can say. damsels in distress prince to the rescue! =)
ng 在 2007-08-31 16:11:45 说:

Haha ong! The amaze and things got CHINESE theme leh quite awesome ;) Hahaha and anw your pictures are soo cute! Upload more when u are free mans. The pic of the remote control is FUNNY!
June 在 2007-08-31 15:16:13 说:

how come u r forever travelling?! so cool! i went to zhou zhuang before...haha, we asked the lady to sing for us too!
steph 在 2007-08-31 14:09:48 说:

wow! the illusion thing is really cool!!!


in shanghai.