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Zhou Zhuang (no pics)

Hey all, I decided to blog first because there is just something seriously wrong with blogwind which does not allow me to post pictures. We took like 1000001 photos and I am not joking. I met my 对手 aka Desmond. I see the way he takes photos, I 甘拜下风, let him win. He is even more enthusiatic than me. Therefore, I kind of gave up taking and only took about 100 plus photos, which is definitely LITTLE compared to the numerous photos he took.

On Saturday morning, we had lessons at Jiao Tong. It was as usual, one word, BORING. i slept throughout most of the lesson again, just like Friday. They took like unglam photos of me sleeping and all and I can't really be bothered because the lessons were really boring and dry and I just felt so bored. The history lesson on Saturday was especially suffocating lah. I really tried my best to open my ears and eyes, but Zhou gong just had to drag me away for a buffet session. After school, we took bus 76 home. Too bad bus 76 doesn't bring us to YCK. haha. We washed up a bit, the guys cooked lunch and we took a cab down to the long distance car station, 长途汽车总站 which is a damn smelly and messy place. Speaking of the cab, the seat had some orangy coloring which DISCOLORED once i sat on it, causing my white fox pants to become orangy. Like DAMN IT. It is one of my favourite pants also la, just like the FOX shorts which can't be worn anymore. L Boarded the bus at 1650.

It was a 2hr bus ride to ZZ. Reached ZZ around 1830. At the place where we alighted, we saw YUNTING VILLA. That yunting, got villa in ZZ, never tell us, make us book the motel for what. hahaha. The villa is not the only asset he has in ZZ. He has 沈厅, yunting road and some other SHEN restaurant la. Siao liao. Btw, yunting is the name of my gip friend who is also part of the 12 who went to ZZ together. Yunting is a GUY btw. The 鑫盛客房 boss sent two mini vans(?) to fetch us to the guesthouse which is seriously traditional. It is like stuck in an alley and it looks pretty scary at night. I guess kelly and I got one of the nicest room cos our room didnt stink and we had a huge toilet which feels like sauna man. The beds are clean and there was air con and tv. All for RMB 35=SGD 7. mai hiam buay pai la. seriously, SEVEN SGD for a nite per person, you got to be kidding man. You know my dinner at ZZ was RMB 45=SGD 9, which is more expensive than the motel stay lah.

We got chopped at our heads for dinner cos the 新月guesthouse boss recommended us to eat at her uncle's place. The uncle was already stationed at the motel, machiam cant wait to "DOK" our heads. He keep saying "Just come to my restaurant to see the menu, dont like nvm". In the end, what happened? He was like so persistent and determined to earn our s-11 and we really ate there. It was RMB 45 per pax. SIAO LA. Talking about dinner, just having to decide on what set meal to eat was already such a headache. Going out in such a big group is really not easy as everyone has a different budget. That is why I didn't want to decide what set meal to choose. The dinner was quite a spread but seriously, from the bottom of my heart, I can tell you that I don't enjoy it. There was so many dishes which i so totally don't eat and 不合我的胃口. Since everyone seems pretty satisfied with the meal, I guess it is fine then. ZZ is damn famous for their 万三蹄 which is PIG TROTTERS. The pig trotters was like damn oily and fattening la. It was one of the nicer dishes, I got to admit it.

After dinner, we went to tour around ZZ as we need not pay the entrance fee cos the ticket collector pack bag, go home sing song already. Yippee! Haha. We saw a lot of 红灯笼 which is so coincidental because we just watched 大红灯笼高高挂 on Friday in class. Didn't take many photos because my night mode CMI totally. Take already all so blur, machiam got hantu like that. Kidding, but night mode really not power enough. Sians. After taking many photos, we went back to the motel. On our way back, the guys went to buy like fireworks which aint really power enuff. It was more like fire smoke. Haha, it lasted for less than 15 secs la. Pengs. It is super dangerous and LOUD too. Pay me a million bucks and I also dare not light it.Slept with the lights on cos we were too lazy to go OUT of the room to OFF the lights. DO you see how ridiculous it is, you have to go out of the room to switch off the lights. What were the owners thinking of when they built the motel? Madness.

Next day, we woke up and reached the main area at 7:20am or so. This is because we want to avoid paying the entrance fee of rmb 100=sgd 20. Yeah so we went in, tour around. Did I mention that ZZ is like a village on the water and people settle everything at the river lah. They wash their FOOD, CLOTHES etc there la. Like damn clean la. Everything wash at the river. Seriously, they rock. I just hope they didn’t wash the food we ate with THAT water. But I think chances are low. The most fun part of ZZ has got to be the 怪楼. Yeahs. It is something like A’maze N Things in Melbourne but more laopok la. Anyway the entrance fee was rmb 20=sgd 4. It was quite fun. My favourite has got to be the room whereby we can be big and small. Aiyah don't noe how to say man. It is all about optical illusions and how they make the room man. Oh, and I had such a hard time at this room whereby I had to HOLD IT THERE so as to take a nice picture. My arms really quite cui now, it was trembling LIKE MAD and I needed ppl to carry me up first. Pengs. I must publish the photo here if possible.

We had lunch at some restaurant. Set meal 200 RMB. About 12 dishes. 12 ppl share. It wasn't as high class as the RMB 510 dinner, but I guess the food was edible and in fact more edible cos we substitute some of the dishes. Afterwhich, I went to take this boat with 7 of them and they ask the woman to sing some songs for us. Totally remind me of the previous night whereby Mingjie requested this woman to sing a song and it isn’t free lor. We wanted to try to cox the boat but the woman didn’t let us. We pose with the coxswain though. Haha. What a word to use. Coxswain. Good ol' memory huh. Later, I went to buy some 土产 and as usual I am so amazed by my friends’ bargaining skills, especially Ee Seng. He bargain everytime machiam want to pick up fight with the auntie/uncle but then zai la. Haha. I so can’t do it man. I scared I wont live past tomorrow. I am sure la. Haha. Anyway, the peanut thing I bought was so SWEET lah. Should have bought what Kelly bought. 10times nicer. Nvm. I still got 龙须唐 in the fridge waiting for me tonight. Haha. Sugar rush.

Anyway, after that, we went back to the motel and we walked to the board bus place. The bus was amazingly small and dark and gross for RMB 22. You know they like oversell their tickets one lors. You know those school buses. In the aisle, can pull down one seat from the side one, don’t noe if u guys noe wth I am talking about. Anyway, some people actually had to sit on those seats lors. Like WTH la. The bus is really damn gross but I slept like a pig, like really PIG. It was an 2 hr ride and we reached the smelly and disgusting long distance bus station.  

our way to dinner, Desmond nearly got robbed. Some idiot attempted to open the zip of his bag, lucky he is alert. You know I totally suck at this kinda thing. Anyway, Desmond was DAMN FIERCE to the robber lah. Never see him open his eyes so BIG and raise his voice so LOUD before. BEST. ZAI. Dinner was fine and we proceeded home in a cab thereafter.DAMN SHAGGGG la. I had a severe stomachache when I reached home. Like as usual. Sometimes I wonder I gorge like that, in the end, all wasted whats the point. But again, if all wasted, whats with the UPs 5 in 7 weeks. And I think I am the biggest joker. Cos I walked around ZZ in my june race tee and Kelly’s FBT shorts. All thanks to the cab seat which stained my pants orange!Okay, what a long post. I am tired.The guys in the house are signing up for the marathon. I want to sign up too. I want to train up too. But I think they will run like horses. Especially since Mingjie is the training commander. You know how fit he is a not? His favourite hangout is like the gym downstairs lah. Sometimes I don’t noe whether to luff at him a not. One moment, he can look quite fit, one moment he can look like some 情圣 with that guitar of his(which he claims that he every min every sec play to his gf, LIKE NOT FUNNY lah), the next moment he can look er-hem less cool with that umbrella of his. Like PENGS. Ok la, when I am more free and feel like it, I can give a analysis of the guys in my house.

 Btw, I lost a battle with the fried wanton today. There were TEN of them and I SO CANNOT finish them. Like 1st time I lose to the food la. 馄饨战胜了我! FAINTS. Oh, I drank 罗宋汤 which is minestrone soup. NICE! Alrights, I shall do attempt to see how to create a MACRO. Like tell me about it. This is IT. Will*iam say this is a challenge to me and Kelly. Madness.

Whoever can finish reading this, You Rock cos u didn' t fall asleep. Haha.


-L- 在 2007-08-30 23:59:32 说:

hey i didnt fall asleep! you are way better than lectures no worries :):) anyway sign up for marathon quick! get that finisher shirt man :):) and haha mb someday u'll type some post in chinese since u r peppering it with chinese alrdy :):)
steph 在 2007-08-30 11:47:40 说:

i rock! i didnt fall asleep! =)) anws hope what sian lye suggested works!
ng 在 2007-08-29 21:09:34 说:

ONGSIE blog more. im bored in SINGAPORE.
lye 在 2007-08-28 17:30:07 说:

hey u can try using bleach since the pants is white..hopefully it'll work


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