in shanghai.


hey, it is not that i don't want to update. it is cos i dont noe what to update abt.

my life has been so mono everyday. wake up at 7am. leave hse at 8am. work till 6pm. eat dinner. come home. surf net, bathe, SLEEP. and the cycle repeats itself. like HOW INTERESTING LA.

the most interesting thing must be work liao.

damn stressed la. i get so tensed up when i feel that my snr is pressurizing me to finish a job. which is like always. u noe i not only 慢三拍,我慢五拍 can. i am not kidding. i think all my snrs want to chop me into pieces for being so SLOW and RETARDED. seriously, i myself cannot STAND MY SPEED. and i really hate staring at long and longer excel spreadsheets. and u noe how much it sucks when the numbers don't tally. like totally grosss la. i was trying so hard to make the numbers tally. and when they tally, i feel so good. as thou heaven rain money. haha.

yea. tmr is school. sure go there to meet zhou gong again. sians. everytime go school meet him. and the walk there is so long la. and i am complaining so much.

u noe i feel so tired, just mopping the damn floor just now.

i felt like my hands got no strength to lift the broom. so SAD LA. i was reflecting how greedy i am now. not exercising and just accumulating mountains of FATS inside my body. dont noe for what. cushioning? buoyancy? sians. i am so damn unfit now. compared to the 2 mths before i came. rooooar.

and i am feelin so sleepy now. when i am supposed to continue on my research on a feasible hotel to stay in beijing. rooooar.

fyi, i will be going zhou zhuang. 周庄. some village on the water coming sat and sun. woohoo! finally can get outta SH. no more boring weekend.

and i cant wait for next week cos i will get my pay and tt means my H & M jacket is on the way. rmb 149!

ng 在 2007-08-25 16:42:36 说:

hah k sorry i keep complaining u nv update ;) thanks for updating. :) haha hope your H&M jacket is nice lehs hahha and anyway the way u blog bout zhou gong as though he is a person is DAMN FUNNY hahha and how come u travelling to zhou zhuang again! u lucky girl keep on travelling im how jealous


in shanghai.