in shanghai.

last day at taizhou

Guess what? The Taizhou website which I have been surfing before I reached Taizhou, is WRONG. Faints. That is for 泰州, not 台.faints. didn’t noe china got two taizhous.


Anyways today is pretty slack. Have got nothing to do actually. I went to ask the finance department a few questions in a bid to LEARN. I hope they didn’t think I was asking stupid questions man. Haha. Seriously, I don’t know how come they can 乱中有理,the way they do their accounts is a bit messy. How do they remember like this is supposed to be like that, or that is supposed to be like that leh? Faints. Then when I ask them why the figures wrong, they will cook up the same old boring reason which is they will make adjustments at the end of the year so yea everything will kinda balance. Like hello?! And u noe some ppl can earn peanuts and loan out really HUGE amounts of money out to other ppl, just cos of what they call good business relations. And u noe how does it work. For eg,


A borrows money from B. B may not even have the finances. He may go around asking other ppl or financial institutions to borrow money for A. Don’t you think this sounds kinda dumb? Like u no money still want to lend ppl money. So weird lah. How I wish I got such friends. Wahahaha. This is what I call 朋友man. Ok la, kidding. Crap man.


We had an impt meeting just now. Obviously I was just this small lil shrimp sitting there, listening to the big shots talk it out. Wow, scary man. We are machiam the bad guys la. Cos we keep telling HI*** must do this do that, and the acct manager was like 凭什么and the story goes on. Like not fierce lah. Relax man. While the going-to-be parent company just sit there and watch good show. Oh wells. Guess we have to be the mean one since we are the so called INDEPENDENT AUDITORS.


And I just heard something hilarious? They say the acctg dept will start eng starting from next week. If u speak a word of Chinese, u will be fined. And my seniors were like “ok, then we will all NOT TALK and msn/skype instead” funny la. Haha. U noe msn is very POPULAR in my company. Skype also lah. I thought QQ is the IN thing in china? Weird man. Haha. And u noe whats even weirder. I am sitting in between two ZAI seniors. Zai until cannot zai. But I realize the guy can really act cute sometimes. Which is er. And they are eating chips now and I am trying damn hard to control, which I failed in the end, haha.


*update: 2:41am.

I finally reached home, like shanghai. Haha. Felt a little weird. Cos u noe the number of ppl I saw in SH in FIVE MINUTES is more than the number of people I see in taizhou. I noe tt is exaggerating. But in taizhou, the land is sparse and everyone and everything is so spread out. So it seems like the population density is really low(do I sound lk a geog pro?!) in taizhou. Whilst in SH, different man. PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. So damn crowded and gross. Need to exercise my squeezing skills again. I must bear with the hot sun once again and move around w my two legs and eat with my own s-11. yea, I am back in SH, this is reality in check once again.


Let me update a little more on my screwed up pre-departure experience. Like not again. A bit down in luck recently. Anws, cos xiao S ordered my air ticket using my Chinese name. which I admit I realize la. But I thought got IC number there as evidence can already what. In the end, the irritating inflexible PIECE OF CRAP at the huangyan airport refuse to give me my boarding pass cos she say I register w my Chinese name, I must show some kinda proof that my Chinese name is indeed like that. My passport doesn’t have Chinese wordings la and I didn’t bring my IC. So in the end, guess what? We had to buy another air ticket on the spot, which cost rmb 500=sgd 100 MORE EX than the original ticket. I felt damn bad la. Sigh. Why must such suay stuff happen to me? I really felt v bad la. Company is paying for it, not client leh. Thus, I learnt my lesson, just register everything as per ur passport and you should be safe from inflexible crappy staff who wears polo tee at the airport. The airport is damn small btw, lk only 3 counters for check-in?


Plane departure and arrival was fine, although nt zai. But mai hiam buay pai haha. The ride was only like 40mins, like not fast! Sat a cab back which cost me a rmb 52 bomb. Realize it is more than 10bucks sgd! Like goodness gracious!


Alrights I got school tmr. Need to wake up at 6 plus am, wish me luck. I bet I will just go there to zzzz once again.



i hope i dont look dumb w the plane. haha. wanted to tk pics w the rest of snrs. but i think i annoyed them a bit by being so blur. so i dare not ask them to tk pics with me.




in shanghai.