in shanghai.

day 4

2 more days before i go back HOME.

though i keep saying that SH is not my HOME, but seriously i cant wait to go back lah. coming to taizhou is like a mini-dream, an extended version of the big dream which i am having since july 9 2007. i cant wait for this dream to end. like totally! 请快点破灭吧! i sound totally lk a LOCAL liao. DIE.

 ok updates abt todae.

i feeel lagi worse.

ok u see my team(wahahaa, independent auditors) is currently doing a six mth audit for this company called HI***, cos this company called HOVI*** is buying over HI***. the *** is really needed, sensitive lah. haha. anyways, so todae the CFO of HOVI reached taizhou and we had dinner together. i mean all of us, not me and her o course. so she came later and she shook my hand and the first thing she said was "不认识" and they all started luffing it off. and pls lors u noe how pissed off and unhappy i was. though it may be quite funny to them. anws she said bu ren shi cos she see ed*ward and big S before. so yea ok lors. sigh. and she was asking ed*ward abt whether any one of us are interns, in the end i raise my hand, machiam student! haha. seriously how will u react? will u raise ur hand too like asking qns like that. i need to wake up my idea man regarding this. NVM. then anyways the cfo rembs the previous intern, evelyn, and started asking ed*ward abt her. evelyn really v zai! PEI FU! i wish i can be half as zai as her. but looking at how things go, hmmmmmmmm....... HELP!

i stared so long at the screen. for like half a day and i still DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO.

and i dare not ask my snr cos she looks freaking stressed and i noe she is handling real tricky probs. unlike me, SMALL FRY 一个. blame it on myself lah. CUI until cannot CUI acc knowledge. study just for exams. 


and another ridiculous thing, i called xh on monday cos it was her birthday dinner at 179 busstop, like damn GRAND LA hahaha. anyways i talked so much that my phone got negative value. asked kelly to help me top up 50bucks and still not enuff, like damn it. cos it was -78! SIGH. so i had to ask her to top up MORE. sigh. i thought i need not spend money here. everything good room, good accommodation. looks like this is really just a wishful thinking of mine, which i led myself into. roarrrrrr!

ok lah, i go bathe already. my room mate already bathe and she is sitting on her bed with her laptop all ready to WORK. sians. i really see my kan-chiongness in all of them. even more sians! :( u noe i feel that i eat breakfast also very rush cos i wanna eat as much as possible one. cos so nice. and i dont noe why. i already eat v fast but e rest seem to fin their food fast than me, so i am always rushing and pushing all the food down my gullet. breakfast also eat until so stressed. SIANS. lunch also. dinner cannot eat freely also.must act shu nv. roaaarrrrrrrr.

so u guys feel sians reading this? i even more sians.


oh i heard abt 张朝阳 today. the Sohu.com CEO. he looks and acts damn GAY lah. grossssss. but he is damn rich la. tv showed his YACHT just now. like not big and nice lah. so yea he wants to be better than google and sina.com. so we shall seee la. must learn abt the entrepreneurs and successful china ppl ok. my snrs all damn ONs abt watching such shows. when all i am interested in is POPSTARS.

tell me if he is GAY a not?!

Wuvist 在 2007-08-15 21:18:06 说:

He is NOT GAY.



in shanghai.