in shanghai.

day 3

today jo*shua ask me what u major in?

i said, "accountancy"

he went, "不会吧." note: that was after i asked him a lot of maybe-to-him-is-damn-silly qns abt accounting stuff. like i told him i never seen a voucher before. to me, voucher is like those discount coupons. sound damn bimbo i noe. machiam i live in my own world like that. then like i ask him, why must credit this account and not that account. i ask him whats the diff between a invoice and voucher. and a lot of other qns which i think a normal final year accounting student wont ask.

i dont noe what does his BU HUI BA implies. does he mean that he cant believe i major in accounting cos i ask him so many dumbo qns? maybe if i told him i am from some other spec, he will say, "难怪."

but again, maybe i am thinking too much.

i really take damn long to process info. i am so scared when big S raises her voice at me. i mean i think tt is the way she speak la normally. but i feel like "i am really stupid".

i hate those accounting terms which dont even interest me. furthermore, it is in chinese. i hate it more. i hate it like really. i really AM BEGINNING to question myself whether i really want to be an accountant in future, an auditor, a tax specialist or anything that has to do with figures.

u noe my roomie is like gonna start doing some work now. she just THREW her stuff on the bed. like so fierce.but she is nice la. when it isnt work time, she is nice. but work time, serious lk no one business. i feel so stressed when i hear her punching furiously the number pad thing which kelly bought.  and u noe ed*ward and jo*shua also continue doing work when they go back to the hotel room till 12 PLUS AM. lk tian ah! like what i do? msn n blog and surf net, like ok lors. sigh.

anyway yea, back to accounting. i really dont noe how. u noe the life of an auditor really v xin ku. go out meet client, then must talk so many things out cos there is so much disagreement to how each party handles their accounts. the different definitions each party has in mind. and i totally hear no ball la, though sometimes they are talking in ENGLISH. what net debt and what nots. like GIVE ME A BREAK.

i do my allocated stuff, i already so stressed up and do like SNAIL. how to cope in future!!!!!! roaaaarrrr!

and u noe go out eat w clients very restricted. cannot eat freely. the food is damn good la. lk really. i cant tk pics cos i will really look lk a GOONDU if i start whipping out my camera and taking pics! like so rude. sigh. i dont noe if like we as GUESTS are supposed to eat MODERATELY too. the hosts eat so little lah. and u noe there are 2 ppl from the HK cpy which is buying a major shareholding in this client co. i eat MORE THAN the GUY from tt cpy can. and the girl lunch time only take one SPOON of rice and she claims A LOT. like helllllo? 

i dont noe i shld say lt wake up ur ideas or e other way round.

there are LOTS more i wanna rant here but i better stop.

and after coming here for abt 3 days, i discovered a LOT of things.

a LOT a LOT.

similar to lisi's nick.   希望更大,失望更大. so the best thing. DONT HAVE any HOPES.

oh and i learnt this from jo*shua: zou lang hor- good morning

ka ta li "day where" bi jiao jin- 这里离台湾比较近.

(P.S. i gna be lk wangqi and say I love Shanghai, FOR it is more like a home to me than here, though it is serene and nice here, sorry not my type of lifestyle.)

ok, time to bathe.


lye 在 2007-08-15 16:38:55 说:

eh ongsie!i wanna jian fei!so i have to exercise man even tho i hate moving my butt...so yea...grrrrr......
June 在 2007-08-15 11:57:17 说:

hey so you're in taizhou because of ur work? cool wat...get to travel also! though i have no idea where taizhou is. jiayou for ur accounting...u can do it!! and having a big appetite is alright lol:P


in shanghai.