in shanghai.

day 2 at taizhou

i guess all my colleagues witness my COW APPETITE today. since morning, i have been eating like there's no tomorrow. the hotel breakfast is nice lahs. love the sweet pumpkin thing :)

afternoon was just like zi char kinda food, lower class la haha. but erms it was not bad. in fact, nice. i think ever since coming to SH, to me everything is NICE lah, like DAMN IT. maybe if i were offered the food in SG, i won't think it is nice lors. sians.

dinner was at this damn posh and high class and palace like ROOM. like okay lors. the 包厢 was amazingly GRAND. the place we dine at seem to get more and more high class. the food was okay only. think lunch better, though lunch is supposedly lower class? haha. ok no one said high class food always mean good food right. haha. i was trying to CONTROL and CURB and not eat so much! haha. then the jo*shua KEEP asking me to EAT more, reminds me of kelly! haha. faints. so yea, i did eat a bit more. my other colleagues are like WAH u still can eat, told them 我在发育. faints lah!

and yea went to supermarket and bought RMB 35 worth of junk for MYSELF. lk tell me abt it man. hahaha. damn grosss lah. yes referring to myself. and guess what. my pants are TIGHT. i am serious. jo*shua was like er maybe cos u wash and didnt wear for long, tt is why it shrank. like I AM SURE LAH. how can?! sad. and he still bought EGG TARTS from kfc for us. like pengs. i ate like 2 cos Da S, my roomie, is FULL. she really eat so DAMN LITTLE, compared to me! tian ah!!!!!! what is this world coming to?! but i heard cos she is in a 'foreign land' so she eats relatively lesser, haha, hope so lah.....

ok she is sleeping soon, my roomie, i better go bathe! bet she is disgusted with me lah!

yup. anyways conclusion for work: IT SUCKS BIG TIME. damn hard. i really hope i survive work!

ok back from bathing*. i forgot to mention that although taizhou itself seems pretty NO BODY, i saw a lot of ppl at some park at nite. i marvelled at the no of ppl i saw! hahahaha. and oh ya the client place is really located at some 鸟不生蛋 place lors. like 40mins drive away from the city. chk out the pics below. and SEE WHAT I SAW in my TOILET just now! goodness. i went to wash my hands after taking a picture of it lah. china is OPEN man.


view outta hotel room.

on the way to the 'birds dont lay eggs' place

and check this out.

damn grossss la. still say what LATEST SUBSTITUTE for viagra.

and this condo*. TIAN AHHH!

kominghar 在 2007-08-14 10:21:05 说:

wah lau. at business trips look at COn*OM. dotz. anyway clar*nce is back... u there to holiday haven't end ah!?


in shanghai.