in shanghai.

posh hotel

ok guys i am in taizhou now. let me do a brief writeup cos my senior might want to use. this hotel is superb la. five stars, the room is like 600RMB MIN for a night. but i heard from the senior that we only paid 200 plus, cos of some agreement thing. cool la. anws the room has like a desktop la! think this is more of a business hotel. oh and the bathroom is amazingly nice too. we had dinner at some restaurant in the hotel and the food was fantastic. i ate like this damn sweet dessert which is like some muachee. damn nice. didnt tk any food pics cos i scared they might think i am MAD to keep taking photos. cos i kept taking pics of the dinner place already. oops.

oh ya and there was this bun with a hole. we were supposed to stuff some spicy meat into it and eat it. damn nice la also. and this veg, put the veg on it and start munching! a bit lk peking duck. HAO CHI! and a lot more la. too bad no pics. haha. and actually i dont noe if we have to pay, as in individually. but i hope not and i dont think so.

yup. the traffic is damn scary cos the cars and humans ANYHOW CROSS ROAD one. worse than SH. i feel SH is really populated with ppl and buildings la. here is like SPARSE land man. the entertainment lifestyle here is UPS one, cos we saw a lot of bars and pubs and ktvs along the way. mai siao siao k! haha.

the journey here is madness la. the drivers like dont noe the way one. keep using the GPS(global positioning system) and the GPS damn noisy. every few mins will keep saying XX KM/meters, 转左, 转右...and i was the 1st person to board the car lah. and i saw the houses of the rest of my colleagues. not bad. ed*ward lives in SUPER FAR pudong la. like the END of pudong, near airport like that. can faint. and pudong really lesser ppl. more sparse. and u noe whats so OFF! they all wore FORMAL except for me! roar!!!!! so paiseh la. stupid jo*shua! bluff me. ok la not his fault. haha. but anyway, when we went for dinner, they R n R man. haha. quite funny to see them in home clothes, esp ed*ward. he is really SKINNNNY.

ok la i better make way for the senior to use. she is called se*lina btw. haha.



in shanghai.