in shanghai.

ikea and 'holiday'

yest's class was quite bad. fell asleep here and there also.

went to ikea thereafter. the ikea is LIKE NOT BIG. food there is cheap, relative to sgd. had a huge appetite there. wanted to eat MORE, but -was kinda tight for cash so just ate 5 meatballs and one plate of spaghetti. spaghetti was too ex for rmb 18 i feel. it wasnt nice. meatball was yummmy. the meatball is like rmb15 for 10balls, 20 for 15 balls and 25 for 20 balls.

went to K at 好乐迪 ('holiday') after that. each person about 33 rmb=sgd 6.60 for 3.5hrs of singing. not bad.

yea, that is abt it. gonna leave for taizhou in 1.5hrs time. just hope that it wouldnt be weird staying in the same room as the senior. and hopefully got scenery to see and things to buy la.

-L- 在 2007-08-12 16:54:10 说:

hey:):) still enjoying your food in shanghai ya! haha n i quite like your uni entrance feels so cool! dunno why u wanna faint. haha. anyway got lots to say but dunno wat to say! tell u when ya online. red's bday was funny! hehe :):)


in shanghai.