in shanghai.

first day of school sux

woke up at a horrendous timing of SIX am.


went to school QUITE enthusiatically. to my horror, the school is like so ANCIENT.  the entrance is machiam some palace entrance kind. and the school is like in a pretty strategic location. unlike GROSS NTU.

for Jiaotong, the building where our lessons are held is like all the way in. like blooody hell far. damn it 的 far. haha. the SUN was how BIG la. sunshine free one. haha. yea anyway Jiaotong uni is damn weird. cos the buildings inside are like some new some old. mixture. and some corridors are like some walkway to the PRISON. dark and old and yellow and smelly. grrrrroosssssss. lucky, think cos ours is like School of International education. our classrooms look decent, MUCH better than NTU tutorial rooms, small and crampy and blu-ish. at least, the chairs are RED here. nice tables. nice FLOORING. 'nuff said of the environment.

now the LESSON itself. 2 tutors. 1st tutor, ONE WORD for him, BORING. 2nd tutor, 2 words, LONG-WINDED and GAY. in a nutshell, i slept thru 95% of BOTH class. like merrrrry xmas.

tmr got one more lesson from 830 to 1150am. DAMN GROSSSSSSSS la. i want to quit school already. though i admit SOME parts are interesting. but when there is an overload of the same subj, damn sian diaos leh. fyi, i am studying china history, literature etc. like TELL ME, how interesting can they get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAVE ME! i am DYING from BOREDOM at school.

well, at least, there is KTV to look forward to tmr.

and i am seriously broke. but i cant stop eating. i keep gorging. just non-stop. ate ajisen curry pork chop rice today. nice. but i wasn't happy at all. i dont noe why. maybe cos i am tired. tired of everything. tired of hearing ppl talk abt things which aint true. the roommate told me to TIE. i thought METAL can. anws, it means Take It Easy. haha. like er ok. haha. but sometimes, when things get a bit TOO MUCH, you can't TIE. ROAR.

yea a bit PMS also lah today. emo. haha.

ok i need to do WORK now. Sian Diaos.

and my housemates are damn WEIRD AND GROSS AND OLD. the kinda songs they listen to ranges from childish songs like spongebob sq pants to oldies like 蔡琴's songs. 救命啊!!!!!!!!!!!

octopus balls! this is one of the nicest i ate. in fact it is the nicest cos i tasted the octopus in EACH ball! haha. and it is rmb 4=sgd 0.80 for a box of six. not bad! btw, SOMEONE STOP ME FROM EATING all this junk. i keep buying cos i am not satisfied with my dinner. like bloody hell. sigh. if i go on eating LIKE THIS, THAT's it man. i also ate a tw sausage btw. damn oily one.

ajisen pork curry rice set. rmb 25=sgd 5.

cash recycling? and yea jiaotong table and chair.

classroom. right: jiaotong GRRRRROSSS, though CHEAP, lunch. 10 dumplings for rmb 2=sgd 0.50 if i never remb wrongly. but it is damn gross lah.

weiqian and mingjie SUPPOSED to act sian. on the right is me, with my NEW FOS FCUK shirt, and kelly.

LOOK, i look so FAT in the ivp jacket. FAT FAT FAT. on the right is RMM, Ruan Mian Mian, the super funny housemate who walks in a damn funny way, talks damn funny, acts damn funny and listen to ALL kinds of songs. oh ya, he sits in a damn FUNNY way also.

 hey MJ learns to rock is stunned. haha. and huichian, janice and samuel at the back posing. haha. on the right, are our neighbours. dont noe why samuel cannot look here!!!! anws, janice, hui chian, samuel, yunting, desmond and eeseng.

look like got fog huh. haha. on the right is me and my roommate again. sorry pic sequence a bit screwed up.


walking to school. tennis court.

 david beckham! haha! the MOST HANDSOME and CAN MAKE IT guy on CAMPUS. haha. and on the right is the Library. must go there mugg liao. haha.


and i rather blog than do work. :(

and seriously, OLT, stop GORGING!

June 在 2007-08-11 13:46:42 说:

yo! eat healthy-ly ah! hee:P


in shanghai.