in shanghai.

tmr is sch

sch starts. like AY 07/08.

i am sure lah.

it is sch at jiaotong university. JIAO TONG leh hahaha. study what? chinese literature, history, culture, politics and what nots, like save me. i see how long i can tahan tmr, before i meet zhou gong.

yea, so will talk more abt school tmr.

leaving SH on a getaway(no la, it is 出差) to some ulu pandan place called taizhou on sun. till fri night. first time going elsewhere with complete strangers, not even ppl of my age, ok maybe only got ONE, but still, kinda apprehensive and excited abt it. think my senior is super scary somehow, he talks like a bullet train, navigates ard excel like lightning. i am those who need TIME to process info, totally couldnt understand what he was rambling on today la. faints.

plus rooming w a complete stranger whom i have NEVER spoken to even though i am in WS*P for like 1 mth. when she sits pretty near me.  so yea, we will see how la. FIVE nights. goodness, i better bring a book to INDUCE me to sleep.

alrights, tt is abt it.


never knew numbers can be so sleep-inducing.

now i am no more a translator, i am a IT woman. who copies and pastes information from one spreadsheet to another.

kominghar 在 2007-08-10 22:19:11 说:

haha can u stop being so funny n putting the WS*P and WILL*IAM. like... they will really search for posts with their name!!! if bossess got so much time i think they'll think of ways to save $ instead of surfing net. dotz.


in shanghai.