in shanghai.

it's national day tmr!

i spent about 10RMB= 2 SGD on overseas phone call! but it was all worth it.

cos i called home. and i called xiaohong. after the phone call, i concluded that my english is degrading. i tried to convey something to her in english and then i STUMBLED. in the end, i spoke in chinese. i mean there is nothing wrong speaking in chinese, the problem is that i cant speak fluently in english! my sentences are like mixtures of english and chinese.

anyway, back to the phone calls. yea glad that i called home. feels good to hear my mom's voice. feels like home. esp since tmr is national day, i shld be at home watching NDP and screaming when the planes fly past my house. no planes to see this year, no fireworks, no seh parade march to watch, no singing of national anthem(yes i noe it sounds lame but i do sing! only during NDP!).  i dont even know if the internet connection will be good enuff to watch the NDP online broadcast. No, i am not complaining, i am just lamenting. haha.

i am listening to yes933 now! oh man i really miss the convenience of switching on my hi-fi, and 933 comes on. i used to think the online broadcast is stupid but now i do treasure it. and guess what? it came on for a while and it is buffering for a LONG WHILE already.

ok back to the phone calls again. xh was OUT with the yaoguis and veronica pok liping! bo jio! haha. kidding lah. but cool i managed to hear and speak to like chan yan ying, alibaba, miss you, joyce, rower and veronica and xh! kill so many birds at one shot man! though it was only for a short while, it felt good. i was so engrossed in talking to them that i anyhow cross the road, machiam(as if) it is my grandpa road! sigh, miss the yaoguis and the team. though as usual, the yaoguis were talking abt YOU-KNOW-WHAT.

xh: if doing what u ask me to do can make me STOP GORGING in SH, i will! haha. just kidding.

so yeah, to phoenix: jiayou for trngs! it sounds really tough. i heard a bit from xiaoting and i think i will just drop dead and faint from fatigue if i were to do what u guys did in SG. jiayous! it isn't easy but i have Faith that all of You will survive!

time really flies. experience is coming again. and i am officially a final year student. sounds cool huh? but it is pretty scary when u tell urself that u are gonna grad in one year and WORK. like SERIOUSLY WORK, slog ur life away paying off stupid debts(referring to myself). oh well, still got one more year, relax.

meanwhile, i dont noe how am i gonna stop myself from eating fried food everyday. i dont have the discipline. maybe i shld really look at the mirror and reflect on my newly 'earned' tyre.

happy national day in advance to all! i wanted to wear red and white to work tmr. but i definitely dont have anything tt is FORMAL and Red and White. there is some SG party organised by some SG fellow. but aint going cos not interested. rather come home and watch LIVE broadcast.


serenity: i wish everyday can be filled with that.

i really wish.

but even my pace of walking has gained such negative feedback from the housemates.

mayb i shld really slow down, take a step back and look at everything with a different perspective.

i wish i can.




in shanghai.