in shanghai.

nanjing west road

oh my GOSH. i never ate so much in my life before. ok i did. but i never ate so much in Shanghai SO FAR. i ate so freaking a lot today till i got such a SEVERE stomach pain when i got home, that i had to mk a beeline for the toilet. haha. SAVE ME!

ok u see we went to nanjing west road, some food street there. when kelly and i were walking there, i was already damn gian for the bbq food. the squid, the cuttlefish, the chicken wing, the guo tie, the dumpling. TIAN AAAHHH.

then we went to meet e rest at BI FENG TANG, this hk restaurant. quite nice, just tt i was a bit sad tt my wanton soup was soup one, instead of dry one. i saw what the rest ordered and i was GIAN to eat their foods also. the fried mee hoon looks good la, the fried rice also and the porridge. YUMMMMY. shall go back there one day.

afterwhich, is the exciting part. BBQ food. we ate like there was no tmr. u noe HOW NICE is the 煎包 thing a not? no you don't, you will not get it unless u SAVOUR itself. imagine the soup(ok we assume tt it is soup, not OIL) that SPILLS out when u BITE into it. TIAN AHHHH. too bad i didnt bring my camera along. but also good, so i can gorge myself to my FILL, without worrying that my cam will get dirty. will get the fotos and upload em soon.

anyways, the chicken wing was damn hao chi also. the cuttlefish also. wah, everything nice la. XI BEI LANG 西北郎 is the name of the bbq shop. wah crude la. haha. i was like asking jianghan to shut up when she kept pronouncing the name. so yea everything is nice on that street.

today=a lot of expenditure=lesser s-11 to spend= A LOT OF OIL inside my body


i am so pissed off at work because all i do is like translation, machiam i am a pro translator. as though i took HT mods. bloody hell. ROAR. and cos of this assignment, i can't go to audit Le*nox. sigh. i guess so lah. sians.

tmr going work ALONE cos kelly taking CAB to tax authorities in the morn, win liao! jealous*

everyone can travel, EXCEPT FOR ME. roar!



in shanghai.