in shanghai.

4 and 5 Aug 2007

4 August was Rest and Relax day, as planned out.

it was carried out smoothly, just that as USUAL, i procrastinate. was supposed to hit the gym at 2pm and in the end i went at 4pm. i attempted to run near my area, but i realise the route is really too short. i dont even noe if the total dist i ran was like 2.4K. i hope there is. cos i ran for abt 20mins. can't be dont have 2.4K right? and faints, after tt short run, i concluded my stamina really CMI. i was kinda shagged after that. :(  tt is the aftermath of slacking for 1 mth without those 5days/week trainings. i was thinking back, wow, did we really run FIVE times a week in May and June? how did we ever survive those trainings back then? POWER.

anws, hit the gym thereafter. did 3 sets of biceps and clean jerk! 11KG! haha. *applause! haha. u see, if i dont do anything to my muscles, they will just EVOLVE into FATS. and i will look damn gross. though i do think my big arms make me look *not very nice. just a comment, my arms were already HUGE before joining db. SAD. so yea i feel quite like "YEA, i worked out!".

went home and we went out for dinner at this quite high class place. ordered 4 dishes which were yummy la. think the crab toufu thing quite nice! though it wasnt what i wanted. i thought it was crab vermicelli w toufu, nvm. went to Hymall 乐购(something lk carrefour) to shop and spent like 300+ RMB can. on FOOOOD and what nots! heart pain cos i was really broke by then. and i am so sad cos i didnt get to buy my "look like got almond" magnum, nvm i shall go and search agn. btw u noe magnum 梦龙 here is like 3RMB= SGD0.60. cheap like SIAO la. but so far those i seen and eaten are either vanilla or cappuccino flavor. no ALMOND, my fav.

look, the guys LOVE to buy dvds. one disc for 5rmb=1sgd. tell me which joker will pay 50rmb to go watch A MOVIE in China like that?

housemates. tt juncong whole day trying to be funny, unintentionally sometimes. haha.

anyway chk out the dvd i bought. so happpy la.

ask them to tk photo for us, in the end, as usual, always take themselves. tt is juncong and mingjie btw.

5 August is today, ok like duhs. haha. pipe choked. grossss la. it is lk after we bathe, the floor will be flooded w water! called 物业 who arrived pretty on time and solved the prob. btw i am so amused by the thing called a PUMP. i didnt know it is so cool. i didnt noe how it really work until today. cool! ok i think i sound qt bimbotic, saying that, pardon me.

and after that, we took train to PuDong, so happy, my 1st time in PuDong! hahaha. cos we stay in PuXi, which is really quite a contrast to PuDong in some way lah. like buildings here older, the road signs are green instead of blue, ppl here are less rich than pudong ppl(ok tt is a sweeeping statement)....anyways, we proceeded to  正大广场, Super Brand Mall , to eat and shop! i went to change $$ first and lucky, short queue. the exchange rate was freaking low lah but no choice, broke liao. even change the 60 HKD ah ma gave me cos she thought is RMB. china is damn inflexible la. it is like if u go to the Bank of China bank in singapore and u want to trf some $$ to ur child in China, CANNOT lors. banking system not centralized. u noe ur $$ in beijing Bank o China acct is not equal to u having $$ in Bank o China Shanghai. sigh.

woohoo, like LU JIA ZUI, the financial district in Shanghai!

funny pic on the right.

the 大 PINK 珍珠 and the Jin Mao 88 Tower

SUPERB lunch i tell you. i really really HEART it! to the MAX. and yea, the mk suit place. roommate made a WHITE SUIT, PAP man. haha. daring. i salute her! v hard to pull it off in white, but it will definitely mk heads turn, when u wear a white power suit to work.

dinner. rmb 10=sgd 2. ok lah. mai hiam buay pai. prefer my 龙昌 lunch set though, which i so feel like ordering tmr for lunch.

ok happy part now. we ate at this place called 大家乐 and i ordered this thai style chicken set. damn nice la. with pork floss and pineapple fried rice. yummmie. rmb 19=sgd 3.8 for such a yummie meal. got minestrone soup also. this meal reminds me of Kim Gary's food la. i am so in love with this restaurant, i shall go back there SOOOON. ok after that, we went to explore the mall which is really HUGE. anws, i think H & M rocks! it is like zara! and some clothes are cheaper! too bad they dont have H & M in spore! i think if go Sweden H & M to buy, cheap like siaos, machiam free (thanks LYY for telling me what does machiam means). I like this jacket from H & M, costing rmb 149. shall go back there SOON to buy. now cannot, cos need to CONTROl and have more discipline! 龙之梦 H & M hurry open! haha.

next we went to the make suit place, to collect my suit, in the end? need to alter again. SIAN la. dont tell me i really grew fatter? sigh. anyway, i weighed myself yesterday and i am like 1KG heavier. like 1KG=1000G. 1 mth=1KG, 5 mths=5KG=5000 G. no way man! so yea, going back there again next week! sian. had dinner at some place called something, which i forgot. not bad, can be better.

yup, need to go translate my business article now. SIAN. i really HATE it. i was supposed to do it on sat but as usual, i procrastinate. sigh i really suck man, at times! and i am so sleeepy now. how to translate. :(

to those in ntu: jiayous for AY 07/08 Sem 1. a brand new start. i can't believe i am officially a FINAL year student. like FINAL year, sounds really scary.

steph: bon voyage! have fun riding horses in Texas! haha. be a CowGirl :)


momo 在 2007-08-08 17:15:08 说:

omg ongs! i cant believe u bought that dvd!! hahahaha i love that show too!!! last time lah. i was totally crazy over it! haha i cant believe they still have dvds for it?! hahaha miss u lots! and yr arms are not big u are mad. heh
June 在 2007-08-08 11:17:36 说:

u really sound like an accountant! all the figures and currency conversions:P even got weight conversions! anw can u explain what machiam means cos i have no idea too. lol.
ng 在 2007-08-06 15:08:26 说:

IN SINGAPORE? they are coming to SINGAPORE? i havent seen H&M yet and ive been in the states for ONE MONTH i am damn sad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
steph 在 2007-08-06 04:18:12 说:

oh ya the next time i comment it will be a USA flag alrd.. so i better comment again. HAHA
steph 在 2007-08-06 04:17:48 说:

H&M really rocks hor!!I cant wait to visit H&M stores in the US..my fren was raving abt how good it is!!! She just came back from H&M in London.. haha They are opening H&M in Singapore! I think in the new lame building called ION orchard. haha
anws ur food looks good everyday!! haha eh i tot someone is broke! maybe eat lesser can lose weight and can save money la!:P
omg i cant believe its like 12 more hours and im on the plane can.. feels like a dream.. hmm dont u feel tt way too??


in shanghai.