in shanghai.

Rest and Relax Day

all of us are staying at home for R & R today. like best man. save money.

i already spent rmb 11 on breakfast, rmb 7.80 on this snack i bought. and rmb 5 for lunch. rmb 23.80 spent in all, so far, as of 2pm. BEST!

really no money already, merry xmas!


when i put "it feels good to slack at home" for my msn nick, bel and shini told me, you aint even at home. true, i aint at home. this is not my home. shanghai is not at home. i feel like i am still in some dream. a 5 mths dream. wake me up when 5 mths are over eh? no no, i shld change my mindset. this is not a dream. this is REALITY in check, olt. wake up!

stop thinking that you are here for a holiday.

lye 在 2007-08-05 13:46:17 说:

hey hey!u need a financial plannerhahaha!

i've heard u complining my days u have no money alredie, but u always seems to find more $$ to spend!!!so it's very good!
erm...or u tap into future resource?den it's very bad!!!
anyway hope u'll get a raise soon out of the generousity of the boss's own accord.
i'm going to get a webcam!!!
till den!
take carE!
凉和 在 2007-08-04 15:48:16 说:

just came back from science orientation week & ur blog is changed AGAIN X 2. but i like this interface more; more reading space. the other one, the candle pic took up too much space. hmm haha no particular comments... ya eat well...kekeke
ng 在 2007-08-04 14:08:36 说:

hello it was nice talking to you before my exam :) take care in china!


in shanghai.