in shanghai.

pdf woes

i was tasked to change some figures in this pdf file which

ed*ward didnt have a WORD version of. so i was like damn it. how to change from pdf to work without the alignment being screwed up? cos i tried to convert and damn jia lat. so i was so depressed and asked so many ppl for help! like so desperate. thanks to all who offered help. though it wasnt much of a help. haha. oops.

anws, the HELP function in pdf is pretty useful and i managed to find out how to edit text on PDF itself. yes, pdf has failed as pdf. haha. and i can like shift the location of images too! so i was freaking happy and happily edited the figures. took abt 45mins? cos i was like checking thru every single number. then after i finished, i found that i could actually replace pages in PDF by itself. roar! i wasted so much time!

nvm i noe u guys dont understand, i am typing this out for my own viewing pleasure!

ok i better go start on my translation article. 5 pages can.

tmr shall be R n R day. while sunday is pudong and collect suit day.

the guys in my house damn smart la, they took LEAVE today cos they said they got SCHOOL today. like hellllo?!and u noe what, next sat i need to do OT. but nvm, for the sake of claiming leave, i shall BEAR with it.

p.s. my roommate looks really stressed at work with TAX. jiayous!



in shanghai.