in shanghai.

home cooked food

cooked laksa while kelly cooked kangkong, my fav! yups!

too bad no sambal chilli, shld have brought it over from SG man.

anyways, the laksa was good, prima deli one leh, dont play play ok haha. high class one leh. steph and jh, buy more! it is nice! yea, dare not drink too much of the gravy cos it is fattening la.

dont noe eat how much fattening food todae. tried damn hard not to order JACK HUT this bubble tea(when my roommate KEPT TEMPTING me to ORDER), and yea i succeeded. BUT, to my horror, we saw the fried chicken strip stall. and we ordered like 7RMB worth of tt chicken thingie. totally worth it la. it is damn DELICIOUS i tell you. nicer than the XXXXXL shih lin chicken, okay at least the one sold in SG. mb i shld go back and sell this chicken. but the oil lk free one la. so yea, i succumbed to 贪吃-ness ONCE AGAIN. *horror

sianlye: i buy from supermarket one. yea!

jo-n: zhangjiajie, the vamp place! haha kidding. shld be heading for inner mongolia?

rower: thanks for the msia flag!

ok seriously, OLT, CUT down on the amt of OIL INTAKE!

p.s. WORK again tmr! i only look forward to 12 noon and 6pm.

June 在 2007-08-03 22:15:33 说:

wah u can cook! lol. anw...hurry use ur webcam! make everyone come online n talk with u haha.
j0-n 在 2007-08-03 09:34:12 说:

zhangjiajie is not the vamp place la. the vamp place is along san xia la. its just like haw par villa. not scary one. zjj is a world heritage.


in shanghai.