in shanghai.


yippppee! ok damn act cute haha. . the emoticons are damn cute la.

i got spore, china, msia, taiwan, US, aus FLAGS :)  cool man. well, my favourite is still the tai*wan flag. haha. oops. u noe there are no direct flights from china to tw? but anyways i also no money. no money no talk. NMNT! haha. veronica pok li ping say i am NATO. No Action, Talk Only. i agree leh. sigh, so i must Action! save $$ 大计划!

no jackhut bubble tea, no matter how hard the roomie is trying to persuade me to ORDER.

lunch was the same old BORING lunch set, and the veg sucks todae, like old cucumber, er xin! yucks! but i saved 2 bucks cos i ordered char siew set. but u noe what i eat in the morn, like MACS egg mcmuffin meal. rmb 14.50! my colleague, this intern from guangdong was saying, how come i say i no $$, i still eat such LAVISH breakfast! 气死人

i got NOTHING to do in office todae, all i did was CUT PAPER, like okay lors. i rock huh. damn SIAN.

why dont they just give me something to do, even BRAINLESS stuff i also want! ask me whole day msn, also will SIAN one can.

maybe they think we are noobs so they dont want to let us handle anything? actually i think the only advantage we have over them is that our english lang level is one level UPs. and we can do translation, not PRO one though. if u want us to communicate in financial terms in CHINESE, wah i think we can just faint and collapse.

so yes, yours truly is BORED w a big B. save me from boredom!

and yest nite, i discovered tt mingjie was a commando and juncong was from air force and juncong wants to run for MP in future. haha. damn funnnnny la the two of them. and their GPA not bad one. i feel so 忘尘莫及 .

let me tell u something gross i saw yest on the way to work.

this FELLOW was watering the plants, good ah , the next moment i saw him watering his MOUTH with the HOSE, think he was like cleaning it, and THEN, he spit everything out at the PLANTS ,  like tell me about it. so what he thinks the water coming out from his mouth is damn clean and fertilize the plants huh?!

gross. and then in the train, i saw this youngster with half of his shirt lifted. cos i think he feels HOT, but pls lors, he is def not HOT, damn gross. and he got HIGH SOCKS and he kept stepping on this sprite bottle. wah lao this ppl damn grosss can, think they damn cute. i was telling kelly, he got 6 packs still can. kelly was like got 6 packs but this kinda face? wats the pt? TRUE. with a big T. haha.

and ppl here cant stop quarrelling. this morn i wanted to buy a bread from Togoo(dis bread shop) and this MAN was like arguing EARLY in the MORN w the vendor, like helllo?! tk it easy man. 8 AM only leh. peace man!

and guess what? i am like planning our oct holiday trip! like helllllllo?! 又是我 . tt time the bkk trip i already want to collapse and faint le. i just hope things will go smoothly and the HU HE guy can get back to us asap! planning sucks!

yup, the noob is really BORED.


lye 在 2007-08-01 19:10:13 说:

hey ongsie!how do u make the jiao zi arh?teach me teach me!!!!!! i love jiao zi, xiao long bao, guo tie etc!
my favourite food of all times!
j0-n 在 2007-08-01 17:07:55 说:

haha go zhangjiajie la. its supposed to be china's best internal tourism place. haha. but no shopping.
steph 在 2007-08-01 15:37:37 说:

hello liting! wow im first to comment! haha :D Singapore flag for u! blogwing seems nice to use leh! the emoticons seriously cute. hahaha esp the one with the water out of the mouth. I pengs can! hahaha so apt de! anws jiayou for work! maybe u ask them for stuff to do?


in shanghai.