in shanghai.

home cooked dinner

i cook one! but er i noe looks damn gross la haha. it is JIAO ZI btw.

but hey I COOKED! like 1st time in my life. a proper meal, save away the pork floss which i buy from supermarket obviously. haha. the dumpling is okay la. not too oily. just right, unlike the one at my office downstairs. damn nice but the oil like free one lah. the porridge i put too little water la. or i shld say too much rice. and the pork floss kinda suck i feel. maybe i shldnt have scrimped and bought the mei zhen xiang one instead. sigh.

but yea, a pat on my shoulder*.

and i am so pissed w myself. cos my stupid purple top TUI SAI (drop color) and like stain a lot of other clothes. like my BRAND NEW ALL TIME FAV stnicks pe t-shirt.  and my ALL TIME FAV FOX WHITE SHORTS.  and my GIO WHITE TOP. DAMN SAD LA. as in i am really pissed off abt it. and to make maters worse, i stain kelly's top too! SORRY! sigh.

cos my mom washes my clothes in SG. how i noe which stupid clothes' color will run right. sigh.

so pissed off w myself! i suck! like rahhhhhhhhhhhh!

and seriously, let me start on some real audit work. i slept in office again cos i was so bored. sigh. and clar*ence see me MSN like dont noe how many times already. smtimes i purposely show him cos i want to let him noe tt i am bored! sigh.

and i am falling sick soon. coughing lk there is no tmr now. sigh. my cough syrup is finishing.

the toilet bowl the blue color thing run out already. must buy! sians. i need to buy toothpaste soon too. everything also must buy. no $$$$$. and i keep eating ex food these few days. and oily and salty. totally no self-discipline! it is ME who suffers in the end!

ok la, i am still fuming, i dont noe why.

-L- 在 2007-08-01 14:47:29 说:

heyyy congrats to your first meal! tho i concur that i can't register what are they till i read your description. heehee kidding! anyway dont fume laa no platonic boundaries in shanghai right. hehe. nice shoes btw! i heart them! super fantastic taste! and i cldnt deliver to our msn conversation suddenly. cya round mate :):)
kominghar 在 2007-08-01 14:41:18 说:

haha relac la... anyway my shirts from ZARA. well u jus buy me a chanel top then i'll forget about it ok?? haha anyway, bet u're like so PAMPERED lo.. sigh. dun even wash clothes... n it's zzz time... in the office...


in shanghai.