in shanghai.

frank is my idol

you know how depressing it is.

when you got nothing to do, no laptop. only paper and more papers around you.

so i really attempted to read those what financial due diligence report, financial statements and my newly bought ACCOUNTING terms book. i bought it yest at 龙之梦 for rmb 15 when it looks like it is worth like rmb 3. it really looks like those secret manual u see on channel 8 古装 show.

so why did i buy the accounting book. btw it is a book with like english and chinese translation of accounting terms, got exercise somemore leh. haha. anyways, i bought it cos my chinese cmi and damn CUI i realise. yest when i was at the client place, i totally catch no ball for half of the session. like totally DRIFTED AWAY like the initial-D drift. haha. sigh.

ed*ward was like asking the questions ALL THE WHILE la. i am machiam a mute sitting there, trying to act busy by scribbling down WHATEVER i can catch. sigh. i wish my chinese is more zai so i can understand wth they are talking abt. so i decided to buck up and buy a chinese cum english book. i hope it HELPS. hopefully, the company will tk on the assignment so i can like start real work soon, though i am really apprehensive about it. it seriously looks tough. T-O-U-G-H!

ok now let me tell u more abt my idol, frank. he is this IT man. i think he saw that i am DYING sitting here, DOZING off, i shld say i did DOZE OFF, so he decided to let me use lu*cy's laptop. he say 低调点 cos it is illegal to use other ppl laptop i think? not v nice la. so anyways, THANKS FRANK. haha. his name dont need put * la haha. he is such a nice IT man. and he is zai. cos he switched on the computer and he started adjusting the settings at an AMAZING SPEED. i cant even catch la. whatever it is, thank goodness i got a laptop to use. yipeeeeeee!

and i am seriously broke liao. let me declare, i only got like 500 rmb left in CHINA TO USE. sigh. minus 300rmb for my suit. 200rmb to use for one mth. like sgd 40! this is the biggest joke on earth. tonight go home eat porridge w pork floss already. p.s. yest we didnt go eat cold stone creamery cos one SMALL cup for rmb 27! and the curry was like rmb 60? kangkong rmb 35? like BEST!

sigh, next pay ba. realllllly can eat grasssss already.

ng: you havent seen my blog for ten thousand years? anws it is YOSHINOYA! the chawamushi very nice! hahaha.

jh: stop making me jealous abt tw. sigh. thanks for giving me the taiwan flag! i love T*W! oops. haha.

ng 在 2007-07-31 19:53:57 说:

oh no it sounds so tough there what with the CHINESE and ACCOUNTING terms i mean ACCOUNTING in ENGLISH i alrd cannot tahan, all the debit and credit, what is it in chinese man? And your blog so cute coz always got chinese words that i seriously CANNOT understand, sigh =( Jiayou ongsie you can do it =) anddddddddd you better ask yr mom trf some money to you lah! how you survive? eat grass also cannot! better stop taking cabs!
Keesh 在 2007-07-31 12:11:04 说:

Eh ongz ah, if your hua wen CMI in China, dewn I go TW how how how... *diaoz* Hee hee


in shanghai.