in shanghai.

gna eat grass soon

dinner was at aijsen. the MOST NORMAL noodles. rmb 16= sgd 3.20. ok la quite cheap. but the noodles is like instant mee kind and got this brown thing look like eel can. hahaha. and the picture show like got AMPLE MEAT. in the end, 2 pieces! SIANS. seriously china ppl shld go get a life and improve thier SERVICE STANDARDS! we dont owe u 1 million bucks can. roar!

bottom: me and kelly. sorry i tried to put a smiley face over ur face but failed. pretty la okay. haha.

i was at a client place just now. looking cool. act seh only la w the blazer. anws the starbucks woman gave me free testing of the mango snowskin mooncake! hahaha. so happy. anyways the starbucks envrt is really good to R and R man!

oh i ate this dbl choc muffin at starbucks. 12 rmb=sgd 2.40 can! it was nice and cool to sit there and just slack!

anws chk out my LUNCH BOX takeaway. NICE leh just that the oil reallly FOC one. the bottom foto shows how OILY it is can! GROOOOOOSSS

love the ingredients! yea!

ok i gnnna zzzz now. talk more when i got the time.

ng 在 2007-07-31 00:59:10 说:

What does WO DE FEN LEI mean?
ng 在 2007-07-31 00:40:11 说:

Haha ong you're so lucky! you have Taiwan flag, US flag, Sg flag, China flag and dont know what else! =) Haha your friends are all international =) I think the lunchbox looks really good, haha I haven't eaten chinese food in ages coz I refuse to eat it in US, haha it's OK only but I rather go back Sg or go China to find u then I eat =) hahaha thanks for talking to me over msn just now! =)
jh 在 2007-07-31 00:28:15 说:

wah the mango snowskin mooncake looks good ah!!!

anyway, i purposely leave msg today so u can get a taiwan flag. hahaha.

going back to sgp later liao! oh yeah, i met 3 celebs. haha. and this time i took picts w them. i think u are only interested in 1 lah.


in shanghai.