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七铺 shopping

today is the shopping day at 七铺路.oh before that, we went to dong jia du to collect our tailor made clothes.

to my HORROR and DEVASTATION, the blazer and top and pants. means everything la. TOO SMALL la. like wtttheck! so pissed. dont tell me i grew by one size over one week. sh*t lah, i am damn fat now, i keep eating good food recently lah. till i am fatter. i am quite sure that i grew horizontally. sigh. anws, means i got to go back to collect the suit next week like AGAIN. it better be OKAY next weeeeek.

went to Qipu Road to shop after that. horror of horrors. me and kelly nearly got bashed up by ppl. basically, we bargained for this pair of shorts and after that we didnt want to buy it, that woman was damn pushy abt it and we say 1 sentence, she argue back 10sentences. i am not kidding. i am amazed how come she got so much to talk back. mayb she was talking abt the same thing again and again just that she phrase it so amazingly nice that i thought she was talking abt different things. haha. power la her chinese! anws so ya she was like saying "it wouldnt be nice if i ASK PPL to COME". wah lao,  i was scared OUT OF MY WITS, i am not joking lors. i really thought she will call her LIAN HUI GANG to come. cos she seriously look like LIAN HUI gang one. basically, almost all the ppl who sells clothes at qipu look like gangster kind. oops. anyways, in the end, she LET US off, like XIE TIAN XIE DI :D i was damn GLAD and relieved! we hurried to another building, for fear that she might do something funnny.

so yea we went to shop in another building. basically, just slash the price by more than half la. i bought this pair of shoes which i think damn act cute, but haha who cares. but anyways i think i didnt cut enuff. but since i was qt shagged by then and the owners are nice, i cut by 45RMB only. haha. u noe the ppl here damn weird. MOST VENDORS ah, when u bargain successfully using the "walk away tactic" , they will give u this DAMN BLACK FACE. machiam u owe them 1 million. when they are the ones who call us back! like helllo?! irritating! no gems card for ALL OF THEM la. roar! seriously, sometimes i wonder WHAT IS THEIR COST PRICE?!

anws, we met up with weiqiang and mingjie thereafter. but something funny. they were supposed to come rescue us cos we called them. but they came like HOURS later which is like OKAY. so anyways we cabbed down to 苏武牧羊 after that, the place where we ate steamboat w our colleagues the other day. like okay, 2 steamboat within 3 days. PENGS. anyways ate a LOT A LOT. really love the 相思飞饼. it is sweeet and nice. i hope i can find it on my way to work tmr. haha. anyways the shocking part comes, cos got freeflow soya bean and it is tasteless kind so they gave us like SUGAR la. so after we eat finish the steamboat, the bowl still got quite some sugar left. and the waiter just came and took it, shake shake a bit, and pass the sugar to ANOTHER TABLE. for round X. i said X cos who noes if it was passed to our table from another table! damn it la! damn grossss! makes me wonder if our soup is recycled! i HOPE NOT, but seriously, the sugar thing really digusted me!

and i really eat a lot of fried/oily/salty food recently. sigh. i am worrried. i want to go weigh myself soon. :(

TIRED AND SLEEP Y now, as usual.

i really need to control my diet! tmr night i going for good food w crazy roommate! and tues night, cold stone creamery! haha.

and tmr goin client place. SCARED. i havent read up on US GAAP! pengs. i predict i will be damn SHAGGED if i ever read finish haha.

the blue dress is like machiam pregnant lady la. and it is too shorrrrt!

and i love my puma necklace. rmb 10=sgd 2

the belt rocks too. rmb 20=sgd 4. the shorts is too TIGHT. olw, give u! haha.

and my act cute shoes.

e GUYS kept taking pictures of themselves when we ask them to tk for us! roar!

anyways, me, kelly, weiqiang and mingjie. the other 2 went for massage. HAHA. anyways, kelly has DIMPLE! i just realise. oops. on the right, is GROSS me and PRETTY kelly. haha.HAPPPPY?

the steamboat. it is the after and before pic. yea. the after looks so gross man.

the signboard. the putuo qu branch is freaking BIG la.

this is gross and smelly and disgusting QIPU ROAD. yucks! but obviously, we shop in the shopping malls la. but the malls are equally SMELLLY. i really hate it when the ppl here spit everywhere. even on escalators and trains! anws u noe i saw like 2 beggars, looking really poor thing LYING on the WET and SMELLY ground, like tell me abt it. sigh.

look how wet it is.

yoshi was my lunch. ate at one of the shopping malls at nanjing shopping street. the set cost rmb 23 which is like sgd 4.60. the chawamushi is damn nice la. PIPING HOT. i wanna eat it like AGAIN! haha. rmb 5=sgd 1!

work STARTS AGAIN tmr. !!!

ng 在 2007-07-31 00:44:48 说:

Haha ong! the dress is prettttty! I love short dresses! Btw it matches the Shoes! Haha i got a pair of shoes that are SIMILAR to yours! Even same navy and white stripes =) Haha so pretty, nxt time can wear together! Haha =) It's not act cute lah! Haha it's reeeeeally cute! Yours probably costs 4 times less than mine or something, coz everything seems cheap there! LUCKY YOU! Hahaha anddddddd you should have worn the dress to take a picture! =) Hahah bargaining seems fun there!

Oh and your lunch seriously looks like Yoshinoya.
June 在 2007-07-30 20:29:13 说:

u caught the shopping bug! nice purchases man! sounds like u do get good food there! btw i am amazed at the rate at which u blog. it's like always updated whenever i check it:P
olw 在 2007-07-30 17:14:07 说:

eh.is that dress like yours?like OMG.since when did you start wearing a dress! : O
kominghar 在 2007-07-30 16:21:03 说:

haha i have dimpleSSS lei!! on both sides!! hohoho and next time if you wan to publish any of my pretty pics pls submit the copyright charge of SGD $1 to [email protected] WAHAHA u're so unlucky to have me as ur ROOMiE!!! WEE~~!!!


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