in shanghai.

Ya Wang

first of all, the weather can 再热一点吗?machiam like oven in shanghai can. the heat is 免费的.

kelly went for some CIMA conference today. and slacked like no one's biz, still can tell me the zara at the 世纪广场 is cheap! hahaha. win liao. haha.

so i went out w e guys to meet jianghan's grp. then we trooped down to foxtown together. like not again. i just went there last week. as though the clothes will be replenished within ONE WEEK?! haha. oh and we went to some laopok restaurant nearby to have lunch which kinda suck. esp the SMELLY TOFU i ordered by mistake!

after that, we went to 徐家汇 to some pacific mall to buy some electronics. bought a webcam which cost 60rmb=sgd 12. which is LAGGGGG. roar. 慢半拍 one can. aiyah nvm, mai hiam buay pai. haha. i was really shagged out when i reached xujiahui. i cant really b bothered to lower the price by a lot alr. bargaining is damn TIRING one u noe.

after that, we went to this DAMN SUPER HIGH CLASS palace looking restaurant called 鸭王 to have peking duck. woohoo 的好吃 can :) wrap the duck, the duck SKIN(damn fattening la) and some veg and smear the popiah looking skin with the suace. wah. 人间美味! goodie. and we ordered kangkong too! all thanks to urs truly. i cant wait to order the KK at the 蓝泰星 coming monday! haha. oh and we also ordered this damn sticky dessert which is 超 nice :) it is realllly STICKY :D

in all, the food was damn good. and we ate like queens and kings. we spent rmb 44 EACH which is abt sgd 9 per pax. cheap man for such high class food. the receptionists were like dressed up like 还珠格格 la. pengs. my advice: go there when u are feeeling rich in china! haha.

we wanted to go K after that, but the response from e guys was really negative. guess they dont like to K. think they love to C more. haha. anything la, we can always get other kakis man! lk our colleagues and other gip mates!

i am supposed to be typing e report now. but i am freaking tired la. maybe i wake up early tmr to type. really cmi already. and the sticky sweet thing is making my throat feeeel weeeeeird. nights everyone. i just dozed off in front o my laptop.


the 11 of us with the GEGEs. girls: kelly, me, jianghan, jingjing and xiaoying

guys: juncong, sweemeng, weiqiang, rongxin, junjie, mingjie

beside is a photo of my housemates.

bottom: the yellow thing is damn sticky.

top: u noe they give u a certificate for telling u which number duck did they serve?

bottom: the yummmy duck. forget to tk pic of the sauce and popiah skin!

my bag shines man! power of crumpler! eh china no crumpler one can. haha.

btw just a sidetrack, u noe in china, my colleagues say one la, 叫鸭 cost like 500rmb an hour! siao liao! haha.

top: jianghan and me

bottom: lunch

the amount of OIL in that dish which is biggest in the previous pic.

OIL IS FREE one remb?

ok la, damn tirrrred and my throat feeels sucky :(


ng 在 2007-07-31 00:47:59 说:

I like the huan zhu ge ge's ! =) So pretty! Haha I love peking duck! =) YUUUUUMMMMMMMY You are forever making me jealous with the food u eat!
bel 在 2007-07-31 00:37:28 说:

your act cute shoes looks like something that lili would wear. welcome my first tag on your blog :):):) keep the pictures going :) haha!
凉和 在 2007-07-29 02:55:40 说:

ok... didn't know wenhui was reading also... haha thought he super busy... yar i second that u should eat better...


in shanghai.