in shanghai.


yea that is my office. dennis took quite some crappy fotos w my camera.

ok, BOTTOM(as what kelly says) is a pic of me and kelly. are u guys SICK of seeing our photos?

on TOP is a act professional photo suggested by dennis. he is such a joker. sigh too bad he and helen today last day! he keep saying he is going to form a new company and he will be the partner and it will be big 5! haha. anyways it is an intern photo of me, kelly, esther(guangdong), helen(hk) and dennis(hk).

BOTTOM: my lunch. rmb 5.50.this is the first time i ate real 米粉cos the other time i order mee fen and when it came, it is CHU MI FEN! yea, so happy i got real XI MI FEN this time round :) anyways the sunyanzi red tea is rather popular in china. it cost rmb 2= sg 0.40.

tmr i am going foxtown again! sigh. cos my ROOMMATE has a SEMINAR to attend tmr! haha.

and i think we are eating beijing roast duck at night?

yups. and the weather is freaking HOT, like 39 degrees! siao lah!

oh yah mon i going client place! like finally. but i am really apprehensive about it. SCARED.  but i think it will be pretty cool to do some real auditing work. REALITY in CHECK.

ng 在 2007-07-31 00:49:08 说:

Haha i thought i drank that when I was in Taiwan with u!!!!!!
wenhui 在 2007-07-28 21:46:13 说:

oh yea. it's tong yi's stef sun drink rite? i bot a series of the bottles one..haha..green, blue, red..LOL. so far, the food u been eating looks rather sad la..eat better man!


in shanghai.