in shanghai.

hot pot dinner and sing k!

we had a sumptuous dinner at this hot pot place. they dont seem to call it steamboat here. anyways, there were like 16 of us and bill turn up to only like 500+RMB. which is like 100SGD for 16 ppl! 3 hrs i tink. cheap until siao! haha. must go back there to eat one dae. i even tried the mutton la. so brave of me! haha. it was not bad. taste like the yoshi beef when cooked. anyways after which we tried to sing K at ppl's square there 上海歌城. tt place is HIGH class one lors. shall go back there to sing overnight one of these days. haha.

left: the super 暧昧couple. allen and selina! haha. they dont deny one lors. haha.

right: COCO. my new best friend on the podium thingie.

left: annie(?), becky and kelly. becky got this super traditional chinese local look. she got rosy cheeks la!

right: roomie and me.

left: me, helen(e hk intern) and COCO! haha.

right: me, helen and kelly

left: steamboat! right: BEERR.

left: before stirring. right: shop name.

they even had fridge to store all these sauces. siao lah. so many sauces la! pengs.

check out the fridge on the left. right: ppl in e restaurant.

grp goto! left: GIRLS only. right: we took this just now haha.

left: clar*ence boss

the supermarket in the early morn. was at carrefour ard 8 plus and there were like pp queuin for u noe what? EGGS?! super queer la. wake up so early to queue for eggs. haha.

we reached home ard 12 and time check. 1:43am. i am so freaking tired and my hair is wet. roar.

ng 在 2007-07-31 00:51:15 说:

Eh ong there's sth wrong with your pics and the comments! Hahhaa not as good as my LJ leh Hahaha =)
Cousin Michelle 在 2007-07-28 20:08:12 说:

hope u r doing fine in shanghai. anyway i so wanna go to Foxtown!
悠悠 在 2007-07-27 20:50:46 说:

妞妞 在 2007-07-27 08:05:20 说:



in shanghai.