in shanghai.

work to do, like finally.

guess what? i had work to do finally.

during lunch, we had a sumptuous meal at some thai restaurant called 泰蓝星 which serves VERY NICE thai food. i even ate like chicken feet. yummy. haha. i didnt take pictures of the food though they look stunning becos the big bosses were around. TWO somemore. so better not act enthu. we did take grp pics at the end though. shall upload soon. kelly and i said that we are going back to this rest. when we get our first pay which SHOULD be next week la. and after that, troop down to cold stone creamery for desserts! yummie! haha.

so why the treat? cos last week we had the JHI conference thing. it is quite a large scale event la. so ya boss treat us lors. haha. and over lunch, will*iam asked me to do up a report on the minutes which i took during the meeting just now. and do it in a formal, professional style. got contents page and all kind. wah lao, this is machiam like doing AAXXX report lah. faints. and by MONDAY somemore. must send to him and HR manager, Jan*net for review and then if they approve, send to the entire JHI taskforce and all the partners. so it seems quite a big thing huh. aiyohs die lah.i am quite afraid that it wont be professional enuff. and just thinking of what to type for the first para, i wanna peng and sleep already. :(

anyway someone ANGERED me over lunch by insinuating that i am GREEDY just cos i was like helping myself to the kangkong. like hellllo?! 不吃白不吃 lors. everyone was like so shy abt eating while kelly and i couldnt control it anymore. if we eat alone, we sure whack like there is no tomorrow man. but oh well. since everyone is around, so must be 文明 a bit. haha.

ok lah i better go and type my report already. i must DELIVER.

p.s. tonight we got another dinner cos helen and dennis are leaving tmr. quite sad :( cos they are really nice ppl. talked to dennis more cos he sits beside me and i always tell him, guys must go army then MAN. so he was like "are u saying i am not MAN?" haha. but he is definitely a GENTLEman man :) helen is going to canada for exchange after going back to HK. LIKE NOT COOL la. i also want to go! anyways i think it is really fun to have friends from all over the world.

at lunch, it was like FUSION again. msia, spore, france, china, hk ppl. cool man. haha.

ok i gotta run.

ng 在 2007-07-31 00:52:50 说:

Haha supper gang no one blog alrd =( So sad Hahahah
steph 在 2007-07-27 13:29:44 说:

hahaha i didnt even realise there were comment boxes till u talked abt it.. keep thinkg why no tagboard. hehe anws qt good!! i love reading your entries.. u noe sth! we nv blog in suppergang alrd! and summerincali also didnt blog., so ure not missing out much! jiayou for ur minutes k!! :D must do a damn bangs one! :D eh some angles u look like kelly leh! like twins.
alibaba 在 2007-07-27 09:32:35 说:

ahaha i think ur blog skin abit song~ ( u know song.. like so obit!) hahaha.. but it's damn nice to read ur entry.. hahahah! i wanna go shanghai too!! if i can afford. RARRRrrr.
妞妞 在 2007-07-27 08:23:40 说:

wen hao


in shanghai.