in shanghai.


the above is my dinner. i noe it looks damn gross. haha. but it is really not bad leh. haha. it is 铁板豆腐 for those who dont noe. it cost RMB 16=SGD 3.20 taste-wise not bad, just a bit too SALTY and OILY, AS USUAL la.

whats new. service was HORRID though, that is AS USUAL too.

the waitress like just serve us the rice, WITHOUT looking at our table lors. she like machiam in a trance like that. u call this SERVICE. no gems card for u woman.

still very DISSATISFIED with my meals in shanghai so far. nothing really 好吃 so far.

and although i keep telling kelly that i want to save $$, but i just cant stop spending $$ on food. u noe ah, though the food is cheap, but then cos the food taste horrid, i just kept buying lk finger food/ drinks like bubble tea which i drink like mad these days(must curb!). so in the end, i still spend about sgd 5 daily on FOOD. 天啊!

and my bank acct officially has RMB 387 as of today. SGD 77.40 to survive like 2 more weeks before RMB 1000 flies down from the sky.

i already plan to eat at Cold Stone Creamery at 龙之梦 when i get my 1st pay! yipeee! hahaha. it is an ice cream shop btw. :)

alrights, getting late, i shall zzzz sooon. i tink my face is on its way to destruction due to the AMOUNT of UV RAYS i am exposed to DAILY. next week onwards, i gna be gu niang and carry a brolly everywhere i go. or apply lk sunblock! haha. did i say before tt the weather is CRAZY these days. it is like OVEN HEAT outside e co.

ok, i really really really hope clar*ence can give me work to do tmr! PLEASE I BEG YOU. give me some work to do or else my brain cells will just shrink and vanish. BOOM!*

 P.S. room mate is slightly cranky tonight after seeing SOMEONE's friendster profile. and speaking o which, i just joined facebook and it looks so chim to navigate around. shall try it out one of these days!

ng 在 2007-07-31 00:53:45 说:

Ehhhhhhhhhhh the tie pan tou fu looks damn good, I MISS IT SO BADLY !
pork 在 2007-07-28 08:10:04 说:

wahhaa.ur chinese name looks quite niang! dun hao lian that nv get fat. *wait til u gets old..* eh liting--u got to get used to the salty plus oily food. jst go gym more often lo..
凉和 在 2007-07-26 17:37:06 说:

erm like yes... my name is written liddat... porky... cause u guys are not in chinese class mah all the dunman-HIGH... haha... but anyway the tofu looks good leh haha cause i have eaten it in singapore before @ ur nearest zi cha store. anyway, i like salty oily, i won't grow fat anyway haha... And here's praying to more work for liting...
pork 在 2007-07-26 07:13:55 说:

eh anw the part u got squeezed out of train damn gao xiao. i laugh til pengs. and lianghe name i'm sure is not written like tt one right. haha.. btw all the food looks good except this toufu le. photos really deceiving nia..


in shanghai.