in shanghai.

bored. as usual.

as of now, i aint tt bored

though i already told clar*ence that i finish reading the report and i got nothing to do. roar.

anyways guys u noe something real funny? when u leave a comment, there will be a flag to indicate your nationality! haha. so far i got US, AUS, SPORE, CHINA. wah damn seh can. ok show off only lar hahaha.

anyways i am still slacking but having tons of fun talkin to COCO, this colleague of mine. she chase star like SIAO one can. damn ONs lah. haha. she will be my best friend from now :) haha. anyways jay having concert in nov. most ex tix is lk rmb 1580 which is like sgd 316! siao liao! haha. so ex! somemore coco say 1580 also cannot see clearly cos the stage v far from audience! aiyohs. and i asking her abt HUANG NIU PIAO. yellow cow ticket! wahahaha. she say the yellow cow will only be cheap when the artiste not popular. sigh. haha.

ok i finished typing this excel spreadsheet and i got nothing to do again! like rah!

can give me some jobs to do? and related to accounting/auditing can? i feel damn useless la. wear until so professional also no use. *flares up!

ok something interesting, my company gna implement dis speak eng campaign thing. such that eventually everyone will NEED to speak english in office. every sentence spoken in chinese, FINE 20RMB= 4SGD. wahahaha. they will gradually implement it. then u noe something real funny, then they ask kelly and i to go to the conference room to chit chat with them in english. so weird lah. we started talking abt salary in china and hk. living standards. so BORING la. but i was really amazed at the amt of efforts they put in, how hard they try to make themselves understood using english language. they really TRY.

hey ppl, china is fast rising up. dont play play. i am serious. the chinese are FAST. super 灵. who noes in the near future, their english will be much more zai than ours. no kidding man.

my lunch was horribly oily though cheap. rmb 4=sgd 0.80. sorry no pictures.

and i am really BROKE LIAO. left w ard rmb 400=sgd 80 in the BANK. how to survive? damn. olw, dont tell mother abt it. haha.

oh yah, last night we had a screwed up dinner thou it was qt nice. we had to pay before we get our food when it is a restaurant? like @#&^*&^&$#. e guys were like super pissed off and started spewing vulgarities la. haha. but i got to say the dinner was one of the nicest i ate so FAR. sad case can.

and tmr lunch will*iam, one of the big head aka partner, gnna treat us! cos of the JHI conference. then dinner we gonna have some steamboat. not FOC though for that.

JH: my helen didnt go for UBC.

potato liang: i didnt noe ur chinese name is written like that. and i dont noe wth u are talking abt in chinese in the comment. haha.

kesh: yes the food is real bad. oily, salty, sweeeet. grrrooossss.

ok i am BORED once again. i am sick of pretending!

and this is a superficial world! reality in check.

ng 在 2007-07-31 00:55:02 说:

you're how funny lah!

" olw, dont tell mother bout it".

you want to really eat grass ah!?


in shanghai.