in shanghai.

hot and fiery

too much! ppl here push and push. why push? relax lah. slowly walk out mah.

 i thought spore was bad enuff, sometimes. but here? it isnt bad. it is atrocious! and i think amidst all the PUSHING, the 'oval' thing on my shoe dropped out.

it is a NEW PAIR OF SHOES which cost rmb 100= sgd 20. i wore it for barely like ONE WEEEEEEEK. so now i look like an idiot walking around w 2 diff looking shoes. totally spoil my mood for the day!

nvm, and u noe the weather is freaking HOT. like everytime we sweat like mad when we walk to and fro the mrt station.

it certainly FEELS lke 36 degrees or MORE. 可以在热一点吗?

and yest i was the biggest joker around cos i wore like black blazer and black pants to work. i was sweatg like there is no tomorrow can. GRRRRROSSSSSS. RAH!

nvm. ok lets talk a bit abt dinner last night. i decided to be cheapo and ordered some rmb 6 fried rice. which tasted HORRID.

when will things get better?

ng 在 2007-07-31 00:58:19 说:

Ongsie! Yeah the shoes look different, you shld juz pluck the other oval thing off and do a mentos moment!

Anyway, that's just like Singapore weather what! Haha so you shouldn't complain! Hahaha
fuiki 在 2007-07-25 23:57:48 说:

haha did u like buy that pair of shoes from china???
hahahaha damm funny! if u find that oval thing back, you still can superglue it!! heh
dun worry lah, food will get better when you follow the pros. eat with your collegues lor. they sure know of better food! i cant imagine how to survive 2 weeks after my first meal there too! but it does get better. you will get the hang of it soon, roomie. take care :)


in shanghai.